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Image Recognition Website using Python & Javascript

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Hello Community! 👋

Example before we start

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So the other day I decided to dig deeper into Flask. Due to not having the opportunity to use it professionally I decided it would still be a fun framework to pick on the side. I started making some small API's for fun, testing them, getting a better feeling how it works.

After learning a thing or two I decided it would be fun to create a small app that would use my flask api and display the data.

Image recognition is always an interesting topic so went on internet and found a really cool package from TensorFlow. It is called inception 2015 and it designed for image recognition. It is not super advanced and it works best with stuff like animals, food, etc. (also having transparent background as white helps, and having so many things happening inside the image usually signals worse results).


Setup is fairly simple and I would suggest visiting my Github page where I will link the app so you can test it yourself. There I have detailed setup so I will not repeat myself here if you don't mind.


I always like meeting new people and exchanging knowledge. So feel free to add me on linked in if you are interested.

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ferdo-vukojevic-2a9370181/
App Repo: https://github.com/fvukojevic/image_recognition
Live Demo: https://image-recognition.frans.thedev.id/ -> Credit goes to Frans Allen in the comments :)

If you test the app and like it, staring it would help me greatly! ⭐

I'm still very new to this site so hopefully this post is fine.

Till next time! 🚀 🚀 🚀

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🔭 I'm a Masters degree Software Engineer 👨‍💻🎧


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I just created an online version of this, improved detection would be great image-recognition.frans.thedev.id


Wow nice! Regarding detection..well it is a trained model, I will see if they have newer version because this is from 2015..maybe if they do, it's trained more and more accurate

If you don't mind me asking , can you dm me what changes you made for online version, maybe in dockerfiles or somewhere?


Please do!

Can you follow back me, I'll DM right away


nice work .. lemme fork it


Let me know if you managed to set it up!


This looks great🔥🔥


Back when I was in uni, I had created an android app that detects dog breed by snapping a pic. Also wrote a paper on it. So this project looks really fascinating to me.


Thank you, glad you like it!


Good work, I am also working on the same lines your code helped me to solve many issues. Thank you.


Wow that's amazing. Thank you and glad I could help!