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SUPIR Image Enhance / Upscale is Literally Like From Science Fiction Movies

Complete Guide to SUPIR Enhancing and Upscaling Images Like in Sci-Fi Movies on Your PC for Free :

In this video, I explain how to 1 click install and use the most advanced image upscaler / enhancer in the world that is both commercially and open source available. The upscaler that I am going to introduce you is open source #SUPIR and it is free to use. SUPIR upscaler is many times better than both paid Topaz AI and Magnific AI and you can use this upscaler on your computer for free forever. The difference of SUPIR vs #Topaz and #Magnific is like ages. So in this tutorial you are going to learn everything about how to install, update and use SUPIR upscaler on your personal computer. The video shows Windows but it works perfectly fine on Linux as well.

Scripts Download Link ⤵️

Samplers and Text CFG (Text Guidance Scale) Comparison Link ⤵️

How to install accurate Python, Git and FFmpeg on Windows Tutorial ⤵️

Full DreamBooth / Fine-tuning Tutorial ⤵️

Scaling Up to Excellence: Practicing Model Scaling for Photo-Realistic Image Restoration In the Wild :

Authors introduce SUPIR (Scaling-UP Image Restoration), a groundbreaking image restoration method that harnesses generative prior and the power of model scaling up. Leveraging multi-modal techniques and advanced generative prior, SUPIR marks a significant advance in intelligent and realistic image restoration. As a pivotal catalyst within SUPIR, model scaling dramatically enhances its capabilities and demonstrates new potential for image restoration. Authors collect a dataset comprising 20 million high-resolution, high-quality images for model training, each enriched with descriptive text annotations. SUPIR provides the capability to restore images guided by textual prompts, broadening its application scope and potential. Moreover, Authors introduce negative-quality prompts to further improve perceptual quality. Authors also develop a restoration-guided sampling method to suppress the fidelity issue encountered in generative-based restoration. Experiments demonstrate SUPIR’s exceptional restoration effects and its novel capacity to manipulate restoration through textual prompts.

0:00 Introduction to the very best SOTA image enhancement and upscaler open source app SUPIR

0:45 The new features that we recently added to the SUPIR upscaler app

2:52 How to install SUPIR on Windows and what are the requirements

3:13 How to check and verify your Python version

3:55 How to check and verify you installed FFmpeg and Git accurately

4:19 How to download installer scripts and start install

5:03 How to manually download all of the necessary models

5:25 How to download and install uGet to download models file extremely fast

6:19 How to make uGet downloads much faster than default settings

6:47 How to update your existing SUPIR app installation

7:03 How to upgrade requirements of installed SUPIR app

7:16 How to make a fresh install but move existing models into new SUPIR installation

9:01 How to verify your installation were smooth or had errors

9:48 How to extract downloaded all models zip file into the accurate folder

11:00 Don’t make parent folder name as SUPIR when installing SUPIR app

11:22 How to start SUPIR app with accurate configuration and options

13:26 Which command line arguments, starting options are available

13:45 How to start with a different checkpoints / models directory

14:33 How to save starting options to single click start

15:03 How to use SUPIR app interface to enhance and upscale images like in science fiction movies

16:09 How to auto download checkpoints

16:19 How to use your DreamBooth / Fine Tuned model to upscale your AI images

16:42 Where we put Stable Diffusion models to use

17:16 What is Text CFG (Text Guidance Scale) and what it does

17:32 What is Prompt Style and what it does

17:54 How to use batch processing and do batch upscale / image enhancement

18:22 How to generate a comparison video

19:00 How to set / increase your virtual RAM memory to prevent RAM related errors

20:06 If your upscale is too slow that means shared VRAM is used and how to fix it

22:06 Where the generated images are saved by default

22:34 How to look at the metadata of the generated images to see all of the configurations and


23:15 Comparison of the samplers and super important effect of the Text CFG (Text Guidance Scale)

25:40 How to use SDXL lightning version for many times faster upscale

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