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OneTrainer Fine Tuning vs Kohya SS DreamBooth & Huge Research of OneTrainer’s Masked Training

OneTrainer vs Kohya training. Moreover, comparative study of Masked Training effect. Full research.

  • As some of you know, I have been doing huge research on OneTrainer recently to prepare the very best Stable Diffusion training. For this purpose, I have been for days working on the effect of masked training feature of the OneTrainer.

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  • So today, after doing research, I have completed more than 10 trainings and compared them. I also would like to get your ideas.

  • The major upcoming tutorial video not ready yet but will be on SECourses hopefully for free and I will show and explain everything including training configuration and parameters.

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  • For this research, I used our very best configurations.

  • You can download Kohya configs from here :

  • You can download OneTrainer presets from here :

  • I used my below bad dataset for training. It is bad because it is easy to collect and i am able to compare with my previous trainings. But hopefully I will improve it and explain to everyone. The used caption during training is “ohwx man”

  • When doing Kohya DreamBooth training, our ground truth manually collected 5200 man regularization images dataset used with caption of “man”.

  • You can download raw and preprocessed this amazing dataset here :

  • Preparation of this regularization images dataset took me few weeks.

  • When training with kohya, train images repeating was 150 and trained for 1 epoch.

  • You can see how to use these Kohya configurations at this video:

  • When doing OneTrainer training, I added a second concept and used it as a regularization images. OneTrainer don’t have DreamBooth directly so we are trying to mimic the same effect this way.

  • OneTrainer trained for 150 epoch.

  • So total trainings were 4500 steps for all of the experiments. Half of it trains regularization images and half trains training images.

  • If you want to see how to load preset and train with OneTrainer here a quick video :

  • I have done the trainings on MassedCompute. We have prepared an amazing template on MassedCompute that comes with preinstalled and 1 click launchers for Automatic1111 Web UI, OneTrainer and Kohya currently.

  • Also the template has Python 3.10.13 installed and set as default. Template also includes Hugging Face upload notebook and preinstalled Jupyterlab.

  • Moreover, OneTrainer gave us a coupon code and thus by following the instructions in below GitHub readme file, you can use A6000 GPU on MassedCompute for only 31 cents per hour.

  • MassedCompute full instructions :

  • As a base model for training RealVis XL 4 is used. So this training made on a realistic model. Therefore, the capability of the model to generated cartoon or similar images is limited. But at realism it excels.

  • When testing OneTrainer masking feature I have followed the following steps.

  • Masks are only used for training images not for regularization images.

  • For masking I have used DataSet tools and masked them like below

  • Then I have done 9 different trainings and compared Unmasked Weight. If you make Unmasked Weight 0.0 that means only the masked area which is head will be trained.

  • If you make Unmasked Weight 1.0, it will be same as no mask is used.

  • So I compared Unmasked Weight between 0.1 and 0.9. I didn’t include 0.1 results since it was generating images with anatomically disproportional body.

  • I also want you to analyze the images and tell me which Unmasked Weight is working best? I think 0.6 or 0.7 is best. Reduces some overtraining and still able to generate accurate anatomy having images.

  • As you reduce the Unmasked Weight, you reduce the overtraining caused by the environment. Repeating background and clothing.

  • You can download all images (total 24 tests) full sizes, including their PNG info and the used full prompts here : click to download 1.5GB

  • Here below the images and their prompts but they are extremely downscaled by the platform.

  • The images are not cherry picked so many times better and perfect images can be generated easily.

  • You can download and see test full png info in this file : test_prompts.txt

Download .jpg files to see bigger size.

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