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How to Upgrade / Update Firmware of Your Seagate Driver Tutorial

First download release of openSeaChest

Open a CMD as administrator

Enter inside folder where you will find openSeaChest_Basics.exe

Execute below command to find your driver serial number

openSeaChest_Basics.exe openSeaChest_Firmware --scan

Image description

Then type seagate firmware download to google

Enter your serial number to the Firmware Downloads and search your firmware

Image description

Then download latest firmware

Image description

Then extract it into openSeaChest folder

Image description

I also renamed for easy call from CLI

Then look PID of your disk that you want to update

Image description

Then modify this command according to you and execute it. It will update the firmware. Remember this can cause data loss so always backup files and later verify them. I have a byte comparison file verification software that I have coded. I am using it to verify.

openSeaChest_Basics.exe SeaChest_Firmware -d PD1 --downloadFW SN04.lod

After this turn off your computer. Not just restart. Wait 15 seconds and turn on again. Now when you scan disks you should see new firmware.

As in my case you see one of the drive is SN04 and the other one is SN03.

Hopefully I will record a video tutorial to upgrade SN03 one.

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