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3. The modern frontend architectures: Which should you choose?

Before we dive into the details of frontend app architectures, let’s first go over the two types.

Monolithic and Microservices Architecture

Monolithic Architecture

A monolithic structure includes all the elements of a single job. It is a type of software architecture in which all the parts are integrated. Every procedure is closely linked, and they operate as a single service. Because the demand for a process in the application increases, the entire architecture must be expanded if the demand grows. As the codebase grows, it becomes increasingly complicated to add or improve the functionality of a monolithic application.

Microservices Architecture

A microservices architecture is a program design that focuses on creating a number of tiny services. Each service is small, independent, and loosely coupled. Because the services are small and autonomous, they may be deployed and upgraded separately and without rebuilding the entire program. Cloud and container environments are particularly advantageous.

So which should you choose?

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Choosing between monolithic and microservices architectures is not as straightforward as it may appear. Here are some points to consider.

Application complexity

Microservices are better suited for more sophisticated applications, but monolithic applications are frequently easy to create and deploy because they are. While monolithic applications can be simple to develop and deploy, they frequently comprise more complex functionality. If you're developing a simple web forum or shopping site, for example, a monolith might be the right choice.

The size and skills of your team

The architecture that you build should be based on the skills of your developers and the number of applications they are working on. Microservices and container systems should be one of the most important factors in choosing the structure of your application. Monolithic apps may also be preferable for small teams or individuals. Microservices, on the other hand, can save time in the future if your team is already proficient in their deployment.

Anticipated growth

As applications become more complex and difficult to manage, monoliths can become more challenging and hard to scale. As the number of users for your application grows, its functionality expands over time, and the team managing it grows, microservices might make scaling easier for you. There is, however, a strong chance for success with a monolithic application if it serves a narrow range of needs.

Cost and time to develop

Consider both the cost of building your application and the timeline to deploy it as well. Monolithic applications may be more costly to create, yet they may be cheaper and faster to develop. The initial resources required to create microservices are frequently significant, but scaling down in the future may result in cost reductions.


Choosing whether to go with a monolithic or microservices-based application is based on the needs of your organization and the technology used. Before making a choice, you should first define what you want to achieve and which technology will best suit your team and organization.

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