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How do you present code snippets on your personal website?

I'm currently using the syntax highlighter plugin to present code on my Wordpress site but looking to explore other options.

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I use the awesome hugo static site generator, which comes with syntax highlighting out of the box. You author in markdown, and code snippets go in back-ticks (exactly like here on!).

You can configure the colors/fonts of the highlighting with custom stylesheets.

Here it is in action right on the homepage with multiple different highlighting blocks:

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Guilherme Ferreira

I don't know if Prism is a possible solution for WordPress, but take a look at

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Sarah Abd • Edited

I'm also using prism.js on my blog via gatsby plugins, but I found a friend using this plugin :
Did you try this one ?

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Fum • Edited

I haven't tried that one. I'll try it and see if I prefer it. Thanks!