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I prefer Kotlin (heck, I even wrote a web framework in it: alpas.dev).

Kotlin is more expressive and is more modern. Java is now trying to catch up, which is good for everyone.

At first I wasn't sure about Kotlin having full interoperability with Java. I thought that would make the language more rigid and may not be able to get away from some limitations (like type-erasure generics). But after writing a full web framework, I've realized that it was a brilliant move as it allowys you to use any Java libraries without any issue.


After looking at Groovy and Scala I didn't see the point of Kotlin. I'm trying to write an API in it just check will it grow on me but I don't see the benefit in many cases for now. I'm using Java 11 and hopefully switching to Java 14 soon so a lot will be gone from the pro side of Kotlin. If you write anemic classes than Kotlin. Simple to deliver CRUD fast. If you want real domain things it's just to much to get used to how to overide those getters and setters. Too confusing so I end up writting privats with custom getter and setter just to override something like add parameter to setter or such. It's just my current style of development.


For backend development, I would also prefer Scala; however, Kotlin is very popular for Android development. Last time I checked it wasn't possible to use Scala on Android (or you had to use an old version).


Yup. Anyways I'm pointing out that if I wanted faster development for backend it's hard to skip Groovy and use Kotlin, I just don't see it. On the other hand, Scala is also great and had val, var, pattern matching, reactive features, way before anyone heard of Kotlin so why switch to it? Java 14 has a lot of good stuff, maybe immutability is not there yet but I don't use it that much. You can achive it if you do good domain models. Example, I avoid getter/setter in domain part if I know what should domian do. Dtos are generated by IDE anyways huehue. If Java records get copy featute I think that's it for me. For now it looks like simple class


Kotlin for me πŸ™Œ

Gotta love that optional chaining and not having to write if(myVar != null) over and over again 😁


I think Kotlin will rise in the next years, as Python today. But today Java is very important. I program in android and in many courses, its instructors says that learn Java first.


Perhaps I will love it more after I take some time to learn what it offers and practice with it. The Android benefits don't really impact me as I'd be using the NDK.


That's what I did and it is kinda why I love Kotlin so much.


Ohhh yes. I believe I will love it, too.


I think it's Kotlin.

Actually, it's because Kotlin is more dynamic than Java (no semicolons for example).

Even, your code gets shorter and more understandable in Kotlin. Try it! ;)


Kotlin. It's faster to type, easier to read, and still compiles to Java Bytecode... As well as native code, while transpiring to JavaScript!

I'm definitely glad I know Java, though... That allows me to figure out some of the documentation for Spring, etc...


I don’t have enough practice with Kotlin to honestly evaluate it against Java. I was turned off by it only compiling to Java 6 or 8 last time I tried, as I heavily leverage modules in Java 9+ for my own code.


Kotlin! I think the ability for more concise code is the biggest advantage, no need to "new" objects or use semi-colons, allows for you to turn your thoughts into code quicker. Null safety and immutability is great too.


I personally prefer Java, I will move to Kotlin whenever it outshines Java for enterprise (if ever) in terms of employment, since that's my goal :D


Java. It is still better engineered and far more consistent than Kotlin. IDE support is also better.


I'm an android developer and have done work in both Java and Kotlin, definitely prefer kotlin more and am glad my team is transitioning to using kotlin for our application :)


uhmm Kotlin uses Java...am I missing something ?


Which do you prefer to code in? java and Kotlin compile to the same byte-code and they work side by side but they are quite different in several ways.


The concurrency model is very different too.

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