What is the best open source oauth platform?

fultonbrowne profile image Fulton Browne ・1 min read

I would prefer something I can run locally and in a docker container, but I will definitely consider cloud based provider. Just for background I have been using azure b2c so I do need something user facing. Any input would be awesome :]


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I'm a big fan of Firebase Auth, completely cloud based, but so fricken easy to use, basically out of the box functionality. Plus, a nice selection of oAuth providers built in, and integration with the rest of the Firebase services.


Keycloak is my choice. It 's open source and available in DockerHub

  • keycloak as a java based full blown service
  • auth0 as SAAS
  • IdentityServer as an SDK but can work as a ready out of the box solution. The difference with keycloak is that as an SDK it allows you to embed it in your service.

In general checkout this very recent presentation


Hi, I've worked with Identity Server 4 which is open source and can be hosted anywhere.
I would definitely suggest it.