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Do you love or hate big techs influence in open source?

I personally like the popularity and funding boost it gives open source, but what do you think?

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Michiel Hendriks

I would say indifferent.

They have a secret agenda, sometimes so secret the people working on the projects don't know it. And that puts every project they run in danger.

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Lorraine Lee

I'm old school open source. For me the whole point in using free software is to stick it to the man. Well, not the whole point. But I do sometimes wonder whether Angular and React are some kind of trojan horses. But I'm paranoid. Sometimes I wonder whether the Internet itself is some kind of trojan horse upon society, having originated in the bowels of DARPA and all.

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Lorraine Lee

This might be a case in point. Looks like Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops With A Beautiful Linux OS Pre-Installed. This is interesting considering Huawei (rightly or wrongly?) has gained a reputation for shipping devices spiked with (perhaps state-actor-level) spyware. Is the Beautiful Linux an example of openwashing? Or maybe just a generic charm offensive?

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I love it because this is such a huge time and energy boost for open source tools.

Plus you have more chance that Enterprise grade open source softwares get more secure and rich features than what we would have done you and me on our spare time.

I love for example what Google made with Puppeteer and the MDC project.

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Everyone needs funding. Popularity definitely brings projects to more contributors and users. I have no qualms with that.

Influence in a way that moves projects into a different direction is probably where I draw the line.

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