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Showing Flutter custom error messages

Error handling is a complex process. It's very boring and takes a lot of time. One of the problems is showing errors to the user in the Flutter application. Today we will talk about this.

All projects use different ways to showing exceptions and errors information to user.

Sometimes applications show common snackbars

Sometimes it realized with modal dialogs
Modal Dialogs

Sometimes it make with banner screens
Google banner screens

But I thinks that's not a problem.
We are all cool developers and know how to make any things in UI of our applications.

The problem starts at the moment when we need to understand which messages and where we want to show. And the most important problem is how to process them in a simple way for all services and repositories of the application

Just for this, you can use the talker library.
How to configure it for the application I showed in this article

But today we will talk about something else.
We need a simple way to set up the error messages showing once and not copy this code in the application all the time.

😎 Let's do this...

Talker wrapper example

1) Add talker_flutter dependency in pubspec.yaml

talker_flutter: ^1.4.0
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2) Init talker for your application

void main() {
  final talker = Talker(
    loggerSettings: TalkerLoggerSettings(
      enableColors: !Platform.isIOS,
    () => runApp(
      CustomErrorMessagesExample(talker: talker),
    (Object error, StackTrace stack) {
      talker.handle(error, stack, 'Uncaught app exception');
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3) You need to implement wrapper at initial route of your application or at screen which where you want to show error messages.

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: TalkerWrapper(
        talker: talker,
        options: const TalkerWrapperOptions(
          enableErrorAlerts: true,
        child: const Center(child: Text('Your screen')),
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You can see the full example in the project repository.

And you can check talker_shop_app_example application example with BLoC as state management and tuned exceptions showing by talker

Talker wrapper app example


But everyone wants to use different widgets to display errors.
And this point can be solved using the talker_flutter library.

In order to customize snackbars, you can use options of TalkerWrapper

class TalkerWrapperOptions {
  final String exceptionTitle;
  final String errorTitle;
  final TalkerExceptionBuilder? exceptionAlertBuilder;
  final TalkerErrorBuilder? errorAlertBuilder;
  final bool enableErrorAlerts;
  final bool enableExceptionAlerts;
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  • Use exceptionAlertBuilder and errorAlertBuilder for build custom widgets in snackbars.
  • Use enableErrorAlerts and enableExceptionAlerts for filtering snackbars.
  • Use exceptionTitle and errorTitle for custom snackbar titles.

More customization

And if you want to show other widgets (other than Snackbars) - you can use TalkerListener instead of TalkerWrapper.

  talker: talker,
  listener: (data) {
    /// Show your error messages on modal dialogs, screens, etc
  child: /// Your screen or app widget,
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I hope I managed to explain everything I wanted in the article.
Thank you for reading this small postπŸ™!

Connect with me on GitHub and pls put ✨star✨ for talker package
I will be very pleased if you try to use it in your application

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very good, thank you. for some reason I hate flutter i don't love coding with flutter, but i enjoy xamarin and xamarin is much slower than flutter

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Mmm interesting, it's not that usual to feel that way in my experience talking with other devs, what are some of the reasons you don't like coding with flutter?

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Pedro Massango

I'm curious to know why you don't like Flutter

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Stanislav Ilin

It is very difficult for me to understand youπŸ˜„

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Good post

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Stanislav Ilin

Thank you ❀️

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Andrew Baisden

Nicely done.

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Stanislav Ilin

I'm very pleased 😌