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How to handle dart application exceptions ?

Talker - package to handle dart application exceptions.

🚀 The main goal of the project provide ability to understand where the error occurs in a short time
✅ Can work with different state managements
✅ Can work with any crash reporting tool (Firebase Crashlytics, Sentry, Your own, etc)
✅ Flutter app logs UI output at screen
✅ Integrated logs and exceptions history
✅ Showing UI exception alerts

Easy to use

You can use Talker instance everywhere in your app
Simple and concise syntax will help you with this

final talker = Talker();
// Handle exceptions and errors
try {
  // your code...
} on Exception catch (e, st) {
    talker.handle(e, st, 'Exception with');

// Log your app info'App is started');
talker.critical('❌ Houston, we have a problem!');
talker.error('🚨 The service is not available');
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More examples you can get here


Talker package has a lot of customizations like:
✅ Custom logs with any color and message
✅ Logs history (contains all application info)
✅ Custom Filters, Formatters, outputs
✅ Observers for making custom logic
✅ Data stream to handle logs in any point of code

I am launching a series of articles about this technology.
In each new article I will talk about a certain feature of this approach to error handling in the Flutter/dart application

😎 Go to the GitHub repository page!
🥵 Here you can see beautiful examples of usage and code snippets.

Show some ❤️ and star the repo to support the project!

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