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3 tips to love ️programming (Even More)

Deep down inside, I want to be a programmer, but to be good at any subject, you must love it. Today, I'll give you some of my tips to help you ❤️ coding even more!

Work on projects

What I love to do most is debugging, what you want to do might be different. Sure, you'll need to learn the required skills, but still, nothing can give you the satisfaction of completing a project successfully.

Make helpful websites

Nothing can give you the satisfaction of helping millions of online users. Next time you encounter a problem, consider making a website to help other people with the same problem! (Might even get you some cash) .

Showing off(Sometimes)

You spent days making a project, and finally, it's done! Why not show it off, get some feedback, and do some promotion? Remember to share your projects when you finish them!

Contact Info/Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this post, and get programming!

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Mohit shrivas

this is very good thought for beginner. Thanks😀

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Blogger and Programmer Author

Thank you Mohis for your kind comment.