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Top 7 Free AI tools you should use as a developer and as an individual

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What you'll learn:

After reading this post, you'll learn the following:

  • You'll learn AI tools that can help you write faster code

  • You'll learn AI tools that helps you edit/create videos

  • You'll learn AI tools that can help you write

  • And many other tips and tools

1. Video Creation online app is an extremely efficient tool, allowing you to generate a live video, with a text prompt. You can get the text prompt from a website, or from a custom written script.

After has finished generating your video, you can edit it and personalize it until you are happy with it, then you can download the video you made.

2. Tabnine: Helps you write code

Some of you might remember Github Copilot, quite a good tool while it was still free. Now I've found an alternative, Tabnine.

Tabnine is a tool really similar to Github Copilot. Basically, you install it to your IDE, then Tabnine will give you suggestions and autocompletion for your code.

Tabnine AI autocomplete

3. Notion: Free AI writing assistant

Notion is a free AI writing assistant, giving you writing advice, and even helping you write parts of your writing for you.

Notion is still in Alpha, so you will need to sign up for the waitlist, and wait a while before getting access to it.

Notion AI

4. Fireflies: AI meeting assistant

Fireflies will help you take notes during your meetings, and will also analyze voice conversations for free.

Fireflies is also quite popular and trusted by over 60000 companies, and can be used personally too.

Fireflies AI meeting tool

5. Hotpot: AI image tools

Hotpot is a collection of many ai image tools you can use personally or commercially.

Here are some things you can do with Hotpot:

  • Upscale Photos and Art

  • Remove Objects

  • Colorize old photos

  • Turn prompt to art

6. Hotpot

7. Lalal

Lalal allows you to remove parts of a song, like vocals. You can use it to customize your own musics personally, or use it for commercial purposes. Again, it's completely free.

Lalal can also remove a specific instrument from a song, and they promised to do it all without harming the original quality of the song.

Lalal AI music seperator

Final Thoughts

I tried my best to not include common AI tools that everyone knows, like ChatGPT. Because it's not providing you any value if I tell you what you already know.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please leave a comment down below if you have any additional AI tools to add, or have a comment to make.

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Jon Randy 儭

TabNine is great - and it's been around considerably longer than CoPilot

acode123 profile image

Yes, that's why I included it on the list, and not CoPilot.