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Fredy Andrei
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The world's first ChatGPT AI template & kit for React 🧠

Hello, guys! πŸ‘‹

I am Fredy, and I am so excited to introduce to you our new product, Horizon AI Template, the world's first ChatGPT AI Template made for React, NextJS, and Chakra UI!

What’s Horizon AI Template?

Based on Horizon UI Admin Template design guidelines, our new ChatGPT AI Template helps you create stunning AI SaaS web apps 10X faster than ever before.

Horizon AI Template comes with over 100+ individual components, like buttons, inputs, prompt templates, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining, more than 27+ ready-to-use fully-coded example pages, and many more premium features!

How can I get started with Horizon AI Template?

It's so easy, after purchasing it from our website, you will receive a .zip file, and all you need to do is to start the project with the help of NPM! To make sure that everyone understands how Horizon AI Template and its innovative elements work, each element is well presented in very complex documentation. You can read more about the documentation here πŸ‘‰

What is the idea behind Horizon AI Template?

While building Horizon AI Template, we knew that we had a few things to get right:

β†’ The main idea was to create the ultimate solution for all developers & entrepreneurs that want to make their own AI App updated to the latest design trends & functionalities.

β†’ We had to make sure that is for anyone, not just developers, but for designers too, so Horizon AI Template comes with specially made Figma files.

β†’ Another important thing was to make a layered & detailed code structure, so every component & element has its own .tsx file, to be easy to customize.

Is there a Free / Open-source version as well?

Yes, there is one. Horizon AI Template Free is a good starting point for everybody who wants to create entry-level ChatGPT-based AI applications (Chat UI Page) or for those that want to test a limited version of Horizon AI Template before upgrading. You can learn more about it (here)

It's our first ChatGPT-based product, so if you guys have any ideas of how we can make it better for your needs, it will be more than helpful! Let us know what your thoughts are about Horizon AI Template, your feedback is very valuable, as it helps us continuously improve it. Thank you so much!

Below are some useful links if you want to contribute and give feedback ⬇️

πŸ“Œ Horizon AI Template:

πŸ“Œ Live Preview:

πŸ“Œ Horizon AI Template Free: Github Repo

πŸ“Œ Documentation:

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ana_radovici_d4d56ce2ccea profile image
Ana Radovici

Looks amazing and is very useful!

ana_radovici_d4d56ce2ccea profile image
Ana Radovici


janellephalon profile image
Janelle Phalon

Looks awesome, going to give this a shot!

fredy profile image
Fredy Andrei

Thanks a lot! I know that it will help you a lot! 😁

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Murat Umutlu

It seems so fine! Congrats @fredy