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This is how Google of the future might look like

Google 2.0 will not be a single person or company. It will be an open market for data and management of it. New and existing entrepreneurs or companies have their own space in this. Of cause Google 1.0 can be a part of this. This market can eventually open up more of closed data in the long run, as entities start recognizing the value for any data they have. Individuals will generate and sell data and services as they wish.
Data as a foundation layer

To make this a reality, we need to design the foundation layer. Which asks the question of how the data represented at this layer. It should be,

uniform across networks (ontology should be the same)
both machine and human-readable
distributed (edge storage and processing)

Numerous efforts are happening in this domain already. IPFS is already setting up a decentralized data storage with incentives to the participants. Underlay is working on a distributed knowledge graph over the IPFS network, BigchainDB is working on the BFT NoSQL database over IPFS, AquilaDB is working on semantic search indexing to be integrated with IPFS and so on.

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