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Brief look

The following contents might be offensive, please consider before reading, also, the language's now recreated, this is just the old esoteric one.

First note

Esolang, one of the weirdest species in the programming community, often heard as a joke, a programming language that brings frustrations or ridiculous rules to coders. While most esoteric programming languages are straight-up unusable or really hard to have theirs feet in any real world's use cases, there are still useful ones but with some quirks to make them esolangs, like Emojicode, Dogescript, Fetlang,... and FreakC is one of them.

What exactly is FreakC ?

FreakC is a light-weight transpiled multi-paradigm esoteric scripting language with dirty (or even offensive) syntax, but technically, it functions just like a normal language and is able to create usable programs. It is very similar to Batch, created in Batch, and also transpiled to Batch.

How is it any usable ?

Like I've mentioned earlier, FreakC is really similar to Batch plus some additional libraries and functionalities. So FreakC's very easy to use and it can do pretty much anything Batch can do. So technically, it is just Batch with dirty syntax.

To show its power, many examples were made here.

Maybe a Hello World program ?

Swear[fnc] Hello, World
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FizzBuzz ?

PoopInt[fnc] count=1
PoopFnc[fnc] loop

DoIfFalse[fnc] %count% LSS 101 (
    EatFnc[fnc] end

PoopInt[fnc] fizzbuzz=%count% %% 15
PoopInt[fnc] fizz=%count% %% 3
PoopInt[fnc] buzz=%count% %% 5

DoIf[fnc] %fizzbuzz% == 0 (
    Swear[fnc] FizzBuzz
) OrNot[fnc] DoIf[fnc] %fizz% == 0 (
    Swear[fnc] Fizz
) OrNot[fnc] DoIf[fnc] %buzz% == 0 (
    Swear[fnc] Buzz
) OrNot[fnc] (
    Swear[fnc] %count%

PoopInt[fnc] count++

EatFnc[fnc] loop
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Sum of list ?

Fuck[fnc] arrayfunc
CountBitches[fnc] "result" "1 2 3 4 5"
Swear[fnc] %result%
:: This will output "15"
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I have actually written a text-based farming game entirely in FreakC:

Feel interested ? Try it now right here.

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Cool lang!