My response to: What are your salary expectations in this role?

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I never like to talk about salary unless I know what I am signing up for and what are the benefits, drawbacks, stress level, growth opportunities, available vacation, sick leave policy, whether or not I need to be on call outside of working hours, the level of responsibility I have for team members, the meeting to coding ratio, the non-development work, the possibility of future raises and promotions, the stability of the company etc. However, since you asked, anywhere between 120K and 70K, pending the aforementioned variables. :-)


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It will not like human resources companies, definitely 😂

I always set a price that even going to a worst place, the increased ampunt could pay the cost.

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Rohan Smith Author

I have repeatedly made the mistake of putting a price to my sanity and it usually ended up not working out for either party