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Viruses and Spyware: What's the Difference?

Do you know guys, what is meant by the virus? The virus is living and thinking which move by sharing through the medium of electronic information. Computer viruses are the program that will infect your computer and other devices like mobiles, laptops and more. The computer viruses never occur naturally, and they take the support of the human-made programs.

When and how Virus will find you?

Whenever you are sharing files, photos, and music
It attacks your PC when you are downloading free games, toolbars, media players and other system utilities.
When you are opening an email which contains a
virus, this will harm your computer
Not installing the license version software


The users run a virus, and when any program is launched, it will affect your disk. Generally, the virus stays in the low profile without getting detected by any other programs. The code of the virus will be infected with any new programs or else an external disk that you have attached. The virus is software that will replicate itself and spread along with other computers to damage them.

These viruses mostly act like the parasite, and it harms your computer’s performance. In most cases the virus such as macro viruses is responsible. As the macro virus is a piece of code that is embedded in data files and then the executable programs are allowed to run to affect the virus.

Let’s study by example; if you get an email that contains a virus, then you won’t be able to affect by the virus before opening that email. But once you have opened that email you are inviting the virus to harm your PC. Not only email but also the attached files, email links is also a kind of virus. When you open that file and share among your clients, this will be spread from one computer to another, and this chain will be continuing. There are types of computer viruses, which can affect your computer in different ways, such as Virus and worm. Where a virus is an executable program, and a virus is a computer program which can move from one computer to another. The worm is a virus which spreads by searching for the security updates.


Spyware is software which gathers the information and transmits them to the other files. There are different types of data that include websites visited, browser, system information, and also your IP address. Spyware helps the hacker to gather the information and give them the hidden information from the host. This information is robust to detect as it includes the keyloggers that were installed intentionally in an organization

It is software that keeps track of all your internet activities. It can negatively affect the performance of your computers where you can install the additional software searches, changing the settings of the computer and much more. Generally, there are four different types of software that we can use with own purpose and functions. They are Adware, Trojans, Tracking Cookies, System monitors.


Adware will keep track of all the information of the user. It will display several types of ads like window ads or any pop-up ads. Trojans Trojans are a kind of software which fools people, by accessing them to several social engineering techniques. They cannot be installed by themselves. They are controllable by the third party and are accessible easily. Tracking cookies The Tracking Cookies are then activities which the users like to have such as web searches, history, downloads, and other various purposes System Monitors The spyware of the system will get automatically installed in the devices and monitors the different functions. It has become effortless for the third party and cyber-criminals to attack the cell phones with these viruses.

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