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Learn the way to Make Money Using ChatGPT and Midjourney to $1000 a Day!

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Guy from YouTube: Greetings, young wizard! Have you heard of this new tool they call chatGPT?

Me: Yes, I've come across it. They say it can solve all your problems and make more money just in one day!

Guy from YouTube: Hmmm, it sounds like a promising tool indeed. But be warned, my dear, just like with any magic, it's not as simple as waving a wand and having your desires fulfilled.

Me: So, it's not a magic wand that will give us unlimited wealth?

Guy from YouTube: No, it's not a genie in a bottle. It's a tool, a very powerful tool, but it still requires effort, creativity, and hard work on your part.

Me: I see. So, it's not a quick fix, but it can help us in our quest for financial stability.

Guy from YouTube: Precisely! Think of it as a guide, an assistant that can give you ideas and insights, but the real work is up to us. And remember, with great power comes great responsibility. So, use chatGPT wisely, young wizard! And now, I will show you!!

The First Course of ChatGPT Magic School

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Hey there! Have you heard about the amazing opportunity to boost your earnings with ChatGPT? You may have seen all the success stories from experts on YouTube, but don't just take their word for it. To truly experience the power of this AI tool, you need to try it yourself. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a shot and see what all the fuss was about. And let me tell you, 'I was blown away!' I discovered new "HOT BUSINESS IDEAS" and the potential for making a lot of money in a short period of time. So what do you say, are you ready to take your earnings to the next level?" Common, of course, I'm joking, but let's see what I did and maybe will find the way, to why it doesn't work.

1. The First Step: Let's choose a victim

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“Always the innocent are the first victims, so it has been for ages past, so it is now.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Sorry Dude, but you were the first in my youtube recommendation about making money with AI.

Guy from YouTube: The EASIEST Side Hustle To Start in 2023 (No Skill)!

Me: - that how does it call? Amazing and hook title. Really, attractive, for many people, and for me too! Good, the choice for our experience. In short words, we are going to sell stickers ( actually pictures for stickers). Wow, does anybody ever do it?

The tools for it:

  1. ChatGPT
  2. PhotoPea
  3. Midjourney
  4. Online platform for selling (Etsy)

The algorithm for it:

  1. Generate stickers by using Midjourney and ChatGPT
  2. Edit and Prepare pictures for the selling on the PhotoPea
  3. Open shop on Etsy
  4. Made some text descriptions and brand naming by using ChatGPT.

Seeming like an easy peasy time to become the boss

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2. First Spell - Midjourney Leviosa

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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
Abraham Lincoln

The first spell we need to learn is "Midjourney Leviosa". It's called a spell because it can instantly draw many things you want. However, be careful: if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, you need to buy a subscription. You can make a limited number of requests per month for testing purposes. As an "Entrepreneur" (or in the future), I bought a subscription as an investment in my future. I also enjoy using this generator for fun.

Image description

My plan is to generate anime-style illustrations of men for Valentine's Day, featuring hearts and flowers stickers. To make the designs even more appealing, I asked ChatGPT to help me create a detailed description.

Here's an improved and more detailed description:

This is an anime-style illustration of a man designed specifically for Valentine's Day.
The image features a young man with bright, expressive eyes and spiky, vibrant hair. He is shown holding a bouquet of flowers, and there are several heart-shaped stickers around him to add to the romantic theme. The stickers are designed with different patterns and colors to add depth and variety to the overall design. The image captures the essence of a romantic and affectionate Valentine's Day, with the anime-inspired style adding a touch of playful charm to the overall design.

Let's see the generated result:

Image description

Since we're creating a sticker pack, we need to be even more creative and design at least 8 to 10 stickers for each character. To add more variety, we can experiment with different hairstyles and personalities. For example, we could create a sticker of a girl with a flower crown or a romantic geek holding a love letter. We can also play with the existing text to create stickers in a consistent style that ties the whole pack together. This will make the pack more cohesive and visually appealing, while still allowing for individual character expression. The possibilities are endless, so let's have fun and create something truly unique and memorable!

Me: - Wow, this is super cool professor, I think I'm ready to make a lot of money

Guy from YouTube: - that's not all, Midjourney Leviosa works not perfect. You need to edit photos.

3. Second Spell - PhotoPea Accio

Now it's time to learn the next spell, "PhotoPea Accio" (Yeah, sounds cool!!!). This powerful spell will allow us to prepare our stickers in a variety of different formats, making them accessible to everyone. While I can only show you one example today due to time constraints, I assure you that this spell is incredibly versatile and capable of creating stunning designs. With each new spell we learn, we're getting closer to becoming true wizards in the world of design. So let's keep practicing and exploring the endless possibilities of our magical tools!

Me: - Let's prepare our pictures like a real witcher!!

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"Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us." — Susan L. Taylor, journalist

Guy from YouTube: - You don't need a lot of text, just follow the algorithm.

  • Open your chosen sticker.

Image description

  • Select and use 'Magic Wand' for preparing you a sticker for cutting from background.

Image description

  • Right Click - Smooth: 5px / Contract: 5px / Magic Cut.

Image description

  • Delete Background of your sticker and save this picture as PNG file.

So after repeating the same algorithm with 10 other stickers, you actually will have a sticker pack for selling.

Guy from YouTube: - Now, I can guide you on how to obtain a free mockup, where you can independently sell it, and also provide assistance on altering the background, resizing, and making other modifications to the mockup.

Me: - Wait, Wait, Wait. Sure, I understand that you already have a sticker pack and learned some new spellings. Could you please tell me the last spelling that can help you make more money?

Guy from YouTube: - Alright, I think that helps, and I see you the next time.

Me: - H*ly sh*t!!

4 The last spell (choose the dark side ) - ChatGpt Expelliarmus

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“Creativity — like human life itself — begins in darkness.”
— Julia Cameron

This particular word is actually quite easy to spell. All you need is the courage to attempt it. I will not be demonstrating how to open a shop on Etsy, as I personally had a negative experience and lost money. However, the most critical components are creating a brand name for your shop and composing a description.

  • Generate a brand name for your shop

Image description

  • You can also play with it

Image description

  1. The same with description

Image description

I understand. On Etsy, you can find useful instructions on how to open a shop and also explore new hashtags that could be valuable for your shop. As for myself, I opened a shop on Etsy and tried to sell stickers for about two weeks. I attempted to promote it on social networks, but unfortunately did not have any successful sales and lost money (not a lot), causing me to ultimately close the shop.

The end of the first month in the magic school of AI spells

These days, there's a huge hype around AI tools, with countless video tutorials and articles on how to make money from them. As someone who's interested in exploring these tools, I decided to gain some hands-on experience in my free time. While I'm not trying to be a "MythBuster," it's important to be realistic about how some people use these tools to catch our attention for their own selfish purposes. Many of these so-called experts seem to have new channels with lots of subscribers and views, promising easy money with AI tools. While the idea of AI tools may seem perfect, like something out of a fairytale, the reality is that successful selling is not just about the product, but also about attracting the right people.

Me: - Of course. you can open a shop on 'Etsy', but how to promote it? How to get more clients there are. How to sell stickers? I still don't know.

Guy from YouTube: - Alright, I think that helps, and I see you the next time.

So, in conclusion, the goal of this article is not to deceive you, but rather to share my own negative experience with trying to make money using AI tools. If you've had a positive experience with making money using AI tools and have a passive income to show for it, please share it with us in the comments so we can discuss, test, and debate it. Additionally, if you have other videos to share that you think are worth checking out, feel free to post them. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and while I still haven't figured out how to earn $1000 a day using AI tools, I'll keep trying and maybe next time I'll be more successful.

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