How do you prefer to learn new tech?

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What is your preferred method of learning a new language, framework, library, etc.?

  • Do you try to grok the docs?
  • Do you watch videos or read articles?
  • Do you try to migrate an existing project using the new things you're trying to learn?
  • Do you follow along with examples/tutorials?
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I usually look for video tutorials / articles. Then write my own thing using my new language/framework/library while following the documentation. But I personally find it's easier to learn new language/framework/library if you know someone who uses it.


I think it's a combination of everything. If I'm all in on something, I immerse myself with a combination of mediums. Some is passive learning, like a conference talk or a podcast giving high level ideas behind the tech, and some is active learning where I'm following along a tutorial or something like that.


Definitely a bit of everything. I find that as long as writing code and not copying and pasting, as well as doing a bit more than a tutorial tells me to I learn a lot more.

Making CRUD apps or tic tac toe games or whatever also helps to begin with. I think setting stepwise goals works really well, and it helps me feel that learning the entire language/framework/etc is in reach.

For me it's more about the mindset and actual act of coding as opposed to specific mediums.

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