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Exploring AI with Vertex AI Studio: My Journey Through Multimodal Capabilities

Recently, I completed a lab on Generative AI Explorer using Vertex AI Studio and the Gemini multimodal model through the Google Startup School: GenAi. This hands-on experience helped me explore various AI capabilities, including image analysis, prompt creation, and conversation generation.

Image Analysis
The first task involved naming the “image analysis” project and uploading an image. Using the Gemini model, I generated a title for the image, showcasing its ability to understand and describe visual content.

Multimodal Exploration
Next, I navigated to Cloud Storage, copied a sample video, and analyzed it using the Gemini model. This demonstrated the model’s ability to handle both image and video inputs, further proving its versatility.

Prompt Design
I experimented with both freeform and structured prompts. Adjusting parameters like token limit and temperature helped me understand how to refine AI responses. For instance, a higher temperature produced more creative outputs, while a lower one yielded simpler responses.

Conversation Generation
In the final task, I used the Chat-Bison model to simulate a conversation. Setting up the context as an IT support technician named Roy, I created realistic dialogues that showed the model’s practical application in customer support scenarios.

Completing this lab was a rewarding experience, providing me with valuable insights into the capabilities of Vertex AI and Gemini multimodal. I feel confident in using these tools for future projects. This journey marks the beginning of my exploration into advanced AI solutions :). More to come!

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