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I love tables and data. I've been looking for an excuse to make another post with a table and why not a handful of useful design resources?

Who is this list for?

  • You are interested somehow in the subject.
  • You design things or starting to design things.
  • You don't design things but work with designers and the subject tickle you.
  • You are tired of click bait posts like "How to design without design skills" and want a serious approach about this subject.
  • You Simply like lists.

Let's begin!

Title Description Level
A Primer of Visual Literacy -by Donis A. Dondis Don't be fooled by ratings. This book is a must read for every person interested in design. Visual communication it's very dense and broad, but this book is a very good starting point as an introduction, a very common read between design students. Beginner / Introduction
Paul Rand: A designer's Art -by Paul Rand I'm biased here because for designers Paul Rand is like Richard Stallman for GNU people. Probably not the best comparison, anyway, Paul Rand is one of the most recognised Graphic designers in our history (A self taught designer btw!). While there are other good reads about Paul Rand's work, this book shines because he explains the process graphic design, why it's important and the impact in our society. What works and what doesn't and something people usually don't explain, why it works and why it doesn't! All levels
The Art of looking Sideways -_by Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher is another reference in the Graphic Design world. He's co-founder of the famous design firm Pentagram. If you like essays in a provoking way, and you are interested in design, you are going to enjoy this read! Intermediate
The laws of simplicity -by John Maeda John Maeda is another reference to take into consideration. I discovered him in his ted talk Design for simplicity in 2012, and since then I've been inspired by his work. If my memory still works as intended, Laws of simplicity were available for free somewhere, if that's still the case there is no excuse! All levels
Thinking with type -by Ellen Lupton Every book with Ellen Lupton's name on it and you already know that is a good read. I have a real passion for typography and this book was my first read on the subject. Beginner to Intermediate
Never use Futura -_by Douglas Thomas and Ellen Lupton I will not spoil this one, a very interesting read! This book will not make you a better designer by a long shot, but if you are a curious person I promise you will enjoy it! All levels
Don't Make me think -by Steve Krug This is another must read. A common sense approach to Web usability. Every web developer and web designer should read this. (I linked the first edition because it's the one I did read) All levels
The Design of Everyday Things -by Donald A. Norman This is one of my favourite books about the subject. It doesn't matter if you design chairs, logos or software. It's a very interesting read that everyone who create things should read. All levels

And this is it! I hope you enjoy these reads!

Have a nice weekend everyone 🍍🍍🍍!

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