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We started a new open source project: markdown2document

leonorader profile image Leonora Der ・1 min read

So it was the second time when we had to turn markdown content to pdf in a project... so I simply extracted the relevant code, then I only had to put it into a shape so that it can be used in many ways.

Currently you can:

  • add markdown content/files (even as a link)
  • add style (css as link or text)
  • generate pdf
  • generate html

Please check it here:

GitHub logo floppylab / markdown2document

turn markdown files to a PDF or HTML document

Upcoming stuff:

  • use as a command line tool
  • publish in maven central

All contributions are welcome :)

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Leonora Der


Full stack developer from Hungary. #java #javascript #springboot #vuejs #css


We create web applications in Hungary and we love working here. The best projects are the ones, that are both useful for the users and look nice :)


markdown guide

Hi, it's alway cool to see new open source projects on java. Thanks)


Great. A handy tool to convert markdown to PDF and HTML as Java open source project. I also wrote to get started guide for markdown.


Nice tutorial! You could extend it with the topic of different markdown flavors :)


Great project ,
I also created a markdown converted 😻🥳
check md2urdu converter : github.com/Techistan/md2urdu


looking great! :) although I do not speak Urdu, it seems an interesting idea to translate files to another language :)


Yeah! i would like to extend this idea. maybe i will add support for different languages also , and it is vscode extension you can simplay install it by searching md2urdu .


I have two questions:

  1. The sample md link in App.java seems not working.
  2. How will be command line like? Can you show me its format and switches?
  1. Oh yes, thanks for the heads up, I have recently made some structural changes on our website and I forgot to update that... I will soon update that :)
  2. I pushed an initial version of it like an hour ago and added documentation here: github.com/floppylab/markdown2docu... You are free to modify it, it is really a version #0 of this feature. :)

I have just edited readme. :) New location of the files: floppylab.com/resources/markdown2d...

Anyway, what are your plans on contribution? Feel free to open an issue :)


This is a great idea. I've had to use a combo of Apache Velocity and iPDF in the past to accomplish this. Looking forward to checking this out


People of Java communitiy have been waiting so long for this!


Hi, which Java version should I use to contribute? :)


Hi, it's built on top of Java 8 :)


Cool beans, or should I say...... Net Beans........


I have a feeling that this is going to be real neat project. I've seen software like this, and it usually ends up looking really good