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37 Simple And Useful Table Templates & Examples For Web Developers

Building a website is a complex process that requires patience, skill and time. But you can rest assured, that the result is worth it, if you put in effort and passion to do a good job. But in no way it means that your task has to be difficult to perform. If you know your craft well, you’ve, no doubt about it, heard of tables – elements that are used to display raw data in different appearances. But let’s get more in depth of what that means.

What is a table template?

First thing’s first, we are to set a definition for a table element. The

element in HTML and CSS3 is used to display data in tabular form. In other words, it is a way of displaying and describing data in a form of rows and columns.

Now to the template part of the equation. A table template is simply the table that is ready to be used in the process of a site’s web design.

As these definitions are put down, we would like to share 37 of simple and useful CSS3 & HTML table templates.

CSS3 & HTML table templates and examples

Fixed Header Table CSS Template

We are starting the list with the simple, yet often necessary feature – fixing header. This template comes in a package, giving you the option to use different colors and styles, which is somewhat unique. And that’s not all, as Fixed Header Table CSS Template supports a number of different aims and intentions to assure catering to a variety of purposes.

Fixed Column Table

Number two in our list is somewhat of a classic. The fixed column table template is most widely used in situations, when it’s impossible to show the entirety of data in a single table. This makes it necessary to scroll to help the user to see the whole mass of information. And that’s where fixed column comes around, providing the web-designer with the opportunity of a simple and elegant solution.

Tables from Light Blue React Node.js

Entry number three is something we are personally proud of. And there are a couple of reasons for such a valuation, because Light Blue React Node.Js is Flatlogic’s very own creation and we hold it to a higher standard. And despite it being not a table template in its standard definition, but a fully functioning admin dashboard, it is packed to the brim with different table templates that unequivocally deserve your attention. Keep in mind the facts that Light Blue React Node.Js is integrated with Node.js backend and PostgreSQL, back-up of which gives you the possibility to take a look at a lot of table templates included. But we are not even close to being finished here. In the pictures below you will be able to see a couple of table templates you will be welcome to inspect under the looking glass and experiment around with. And here we attach a link to the Light Blue React Node.Js’ admin access, where you will find a plethora of different table templates that you will be able to easily use in your own projects. Feel free to do so.

Fixed Table Header

This table template is similar to the previous ones, which is not a surprise, giving that they all share a category. The main purpose of this template is to fix the header of a given table, providing the user an opportunity to always keep in mind the categorical meaning of the table’s data and recall each row’s name as it is. Using the Fixed Table Header template, you simplify the creation of your own custom tables, which is always a big plus.

Tables from React Material UI Admin Node.Js

Another Admin Dashboard template that Flatlogic, in all modesty, is proud of. And let’s be straight, there is, just like with Light Blue React Node.Js, a lot be proud of. Judge for yourself: once again it’s a full admin dashboard with an abundance of table templates to choose from and experiment with; once again containing a Node.js and a PostgreSQL back-ends; once again made on a React.js. But there is a very distinctive difference in design of this entry and the fact that React Material UI Admin Node.Js is made with the help of Google Material Design. With this being said, we attach a link to this Admin Dashboard demo version for you to quantify.

CSS3 Pricing Table

The first pricing table template in our list is quite commonly used on all sorts of sites, that include products to sell. And for a good reason, because it is quite versatile. CSS3 Pricing Table is used to display the product’s prices and can also be used to outline the best of offers with the outline template, that is in-build and easy to change to suit your particular goals and design.

Table with Vertical and Horizontal Highlight Template

This table template is a neat tool to simplify the user’s understanding process by using one of several included table variations with highlights for both vertical and horizontal rows of information. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a great variety of highlighting, such as solid colours, gradient effects, round and sharp edges and many more to tailor the table to your site’s needs.

HTML5 Editable Table

Thanks to Query and HTML5’s addition to the nowadays developing experience we are now able to use the HTML5 Editable Table template. And what a treat this is: with this jQuery amped template you are now able to add and remove items from your temple directly from the browser. But wait, there is more – you can also edit each and every particular item on the list to your specific requirement in a nice and easy way.

Fade and Blur on Hover Data Table

Despite this table template using some advanced JavaScript elements, it is undoubtedly helpful to developers, who wish to achieve the simplification of the table’s data understanding. The fading on hover effect helps the end user to ease the focusing on needed materials in the tables that are, otherwise, extensive and stretched out.

Responsive Table CSS template

If you are working on a site that has a motto of “Future is now” – responsive tables are just what you need. Modern, stylish, with limited borders that help the web developer to integrate a table into a site in a fluid nature, this table template has an adequate amount of space in between each column and cell. This fact makes the user’s interaction with the content of the table easier.

Responsive Tables Using LI

This entry is a collection that has loads of different CSS table templates, so you get a plethora of options in a single free package. It also has a practical usage, because if you are tracking sales or affiliate payments this table should be considered. You can add IDs, names, amount of payments and their statuses, but the usage is quite versatile, as you can quickly and effortlessly update the functionality of this table to your needs.


One more collection in the list. Heavy Table is a JavaScript library that doesn’t use CSS3 for its stylings. And although you are, most likely, not going to use the whole library, you are, most probably, can use the CodePen page to find and extract the CSS3 snippets that satisfy your needs. Also, you can find that the table template is useful in itself. The possibility of direct manipulation of the table data for each assigned row is also a definite advantage of this table template.

Flat University Timetable

This Table Template might not be the most versatile in the usage department, but it surely fulfills its main purpose to a T. And its main purpose is to create a classy and effective user-friendly table. Due to the smartly integrated hover effect the web designer is given the possibility to implement the tooltips and short notifications that create a pleasant and engaging experience to the end user. Also, as this is a timetable template, you can feel free to use all the different colours to efficiently organize the related content.

Sortable Tabular Data Table Template

We don’t know for sure whether Jake Rocheleau – the creator of this table template is an efficiency fanatic, but we are glad that he developed such an efficient template. Optimized with jQuery, this table template helps you and the end user to sort and align the needed data on the basis of ascending and descending information quickly and effortlessly. Numbers, letters or any other sortable information mass – you name it, this table sorts it, which is very useful, when working with data libraries, that need a quick way of sorting data within the browser.

Bootstrap CSS

If you thought that this list would miss one of the most famous and widely used front-end development frameworks you would be wrong. Bootstrap CSS helped an uncountable number of front-end developers to build websites quickly. There is a possible downside to consider: all the elements are pre-determined, leaving no place for any creative input, if you don’t count the position allocation and colour changes as such.


Another framework library on our list. Pure is a collection of 10 elements that are able to be added to your websites and projects to make the process of web development much quicker and enjoyable. You can use Pure to build elements more rapidly, but without the possibility of styling them, unfortunately. But there is no perfection in this world, which can be a pacifying moment.

Responstable 2.0

Adding to our previous statement, HTML5 is not perfect. As such, native HTML5 is not responsive to the browser. But fortunately, a few CSS3 modifications could be made to improve the results. If your goal is to include a responsive table template into your app or website, you can use Responstable 2.0.

Slick Table CSS template

The name is Table CSS template… Slick Table CSS template. This one doesn’t have it name for nothing, because there is an pre-installed options, such as hover highlighter and neat segmentation, as well as the option to dim down the expired data. Slick Table CSS template would also be useful if your goal is to create a table that includes real-world data.

Modern Pricing Tables

Despite the fact that there is already a pricing table template on this list, it is no reason not to include another one, because Modern Pricing Table allows you to skip the painstaking process of creating a pricing table from scratch and enjoy the lovely design and tinkering possibilities that this template provides. Modern Pricing also includes 5 different variants to choose from, each one of which provides the possibility of presenting different information.

CSS Table Module Level 3

If you want to comprehend things and not just do a blind rule of thumb poking around, it’s wise to read the actual documentation on something from time to time. If you are a responsible developer that is definitely the case and you should read the table module/element. Flatlogic, as well as other respectable sources recommend this excerpt from the official CSS3 standard to learn more about tables, and table modules. Additionally, learn more about how they interact with CSS3 to become a master instead of being the apprentice.

Pure CSS Responsive Accordion Table

Going back to basics, if we might say so. This lightweight, reliable and compliant table template is easy to put into operation and easy to use in the process on any device or browser. And that’s, as they say, already enough.

Nutrition Facts Table in HTML & CSS

Another table template aimed at a pretty particular usage on this list. But if it wasn’t useful and worthwhile we would not include it. This table template is to do exactly what it says on the tin – display nutrition facts for literally any food item out there. It’s a must-have for those sites, that include any kind of eatable products to output their nutritional information and filter all your data through this template.

Dark Sliding Tables

A dark and stylish table template, that provides a static table layout, that can be changed within. Dark sliding tables effects are sleek and quick, the text colors are varied and there is an opportunity of highlighting the important points. So, all and all, this table template is simple and nice.


If you get down to it, a calendar is a table. That being said, we are happy to tell you that in case your site needs a calendar, there is a ready to use CSS3 template, made by Marco Biedermann. Based on the approach all the tables take as well, this calendar is customizable, so you can display different needed information for each and every row/date.

Bulma Pricing Table CSS template

This table CSS template is designed to serve the needs of those, who are bored off the standard vertical boxed pricing tables. In this little collection, three types of pricing table arrangements are presented, each more unique than the other one. And although, all three of them use the same flat style design, you can add additional variability in the arrangement of the pricing table and its elements.

Crisp Table

If you’ve already hungry for alternative solutions, Crisp Table CSS Template is the thing for you. A ready-to-use table design that you can use to save time. And that’s not mentioning the fact that this table template is not named Crisp for nothing, as you’ll have to do a lot of work to find a table template that looks crisper.

Codyhouse Tables

The Codyhouse Tables collection amounts to three pricing tables that give you the option to switch between monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you look for clean and smooth card flipping animation and switching effects then the Codyhouse Tables are the table templates for you. The only downside to write home about is the fact that this table CSS template lacks the possibility of showing the end users how much they do save, when buying a yearly plan.

Mobile Table with Comparison View

Thank Chris Ota for this table template. He put into time and effort to produce Mobile Table with Comparison View – a special piece of design that was created for mobile apps and sites to depict the prices and particular differences between the products of users choosing.

Codrops Pricing Table CSS template

This CSS table template, unsurprisingly, comes from Codrops. But that’s not all of the obvious facts we would like to share with you. We would also like to add that Codrops Pricing Table CSS template is a package of twelve pre-made pricing tables, that each has its own unique design and elements. Some of the tables from this package are packed to the brim with cool effects and some of them have clean and distinctive designs. So, you are free to choose the pricing table that suits your particular needs and interests and it will fit like a glove.

Hosting Pricing Table CSS template

Open your heart to this pricing table template and it will not disappoint you, especially if your business has more than one plan to offer. Hosting Pricing Table CSS template makes comparing the pricings as easy as it can get. And even if your goal is to give a separate comparing option, the pricing tables would give the opportunity to understand the principal differences between plans in a simple manner.


A dazzling example of what the modern CSS3 and HTML5 standard can do. Armed with 3D highlighting effect, this borderless table template is ready to be used on any site or app of your choosing. And yes, the dark styling of this table template can be questionable on some occasions, you are always free to play with this styling and tailor it to work flawlessly with your design.

Fitness Pricing

If you are building a fitness website and you are in need of a pricing table template – look no further than the next entry on our list. The reasoning behind this statement is simple – this table template was tailor-made for such sites. It exceeds all the expectations, when you work on a website for a business that implements any kind of membership system. The model of subscription is variable to allow everything between the lines of a month to lifetime access. In the end, end user gets clearly highlighted benefits and features that are unique for each plan.

Diamond Pricing Table

Now let’s take a look at a table template that would come most handy for startups and modern websites. The Diamond Pricing Table template has neat transparent content blocks to improve the readability of the text, while not spoiling the visual aesthetics of the design. In addition to this, Diamond Pricing Table has a star rating to each pricing table to provide end users with more leverage while choosing the plan.

Add Rows to Table

This one is just practical, when you need an option to easily add and delete rows. Click a button and, just like that, add a row. Click another button and delete the added row just as simply. But keep in mind that you will have to have at least 2 meaningful rows in your table, as it is impossible to have less with this table template.

Simple Table Concept

Back to the basics with this table template. The clean and simple (that were the name comes from) design, that makes a good option for mobile apps. You can alternate between the light and dark row colors to make a clear distinction for each row entry. What also needs to be mentioned is the fact that this table template avoids the use of table grids, which in its own turn makes the table look less bulky on devices’ screen, and the call-to-action button, as well as dismiss button in the default design. Unfortunate downside is derived from the front-end nature of this table template, as it is not as functional as it could have been.

Dynamic Background Tiles

This entry is suitable for the occasions of handling large data, when the end users should easily understand the categories. With this table template, you can, for example, create gradient colour schemes and key buttons. The main downside to write home about is the inability to change the colours. But this downside can be corrected with some quick-to-do code tinkering.

Flip Pricing Table

The last entry to our list is somewhat similar to the Codyhouse table template, but in a simplified way. This table template contains only one design option, but the visual and transitional effects are pretty similar to the upper-mentioned Codyhouse. This table template will be the most useful one if you are a beginner web-developer and if you work on a small project. The latest HTML5 and CSS3 were used in the development of this table template, so rest assured that it is up-to-date. The whole coding is shared with you directly, you can change it in the editor and can visualize the results directly.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of very useful HTML5 and CSS3 table templates that are able to make your life as a web- or front-end developer much-much easier. And that is, without any kind of a doubt, a good thing, because if you use them correctly, you would be able to forget about the little troublesome things, such as writing your own code for the tables and concentrate on the grander picture of developing a worthwhile site.

Thanks for tuning in. Visit us in a short time to read more useful articles like this one or give one of our older articles a read. And, as always, stay awesome.

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