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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer for FlaskCon

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Why FlaskCon insists on having publicly listed reviewers

Python conferences all have a team of reviewers. Not made public. Since the first edition of FlaskCon, we made our list public. This encourages transparency and builds trust. People often ask: Why? If some great conferences don't do it, that means it is not important or necessary. But not necessarily so ...

Before we dig deeper, please have a look at Python conferences having a list of publicly disclosed reviewers for 2021 [1]:

Conference Has public list of reviewers
PyCon US
PyCon India
PyCon Japan
FlaskCon Yes

Django Con had a call for community reviewers. First come, first serve.

Well, at FlaskCon we are adamant that people who review talks be competent in the field they are in. And, they should be displayed. So that we know it's not my cat's backyard buddy who is helping out with the reviews. We just want as a conference to get the best talks possible selected.

So if a big conference does not have that feature, that does not mean we should tick it off. And i do think it's very weird for conferences who go to great lengths at perfecting details not to have it. An even more unsettling question is: Why keep it a secret. Is there some dark business going on? We hope no ...

[1] As far as i searched

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