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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer for FlaskCon

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Andrew Schonfeld: FlaskCon Impressions

Well Mr Andrew, thanks for accepting the FlaskCon interview which
shall be up on our youtube channel soon.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Andrew Schonfeld, I've been a software engineer in the finance industry for over 14 years in Boston. The first 8 writing Java spring applications for big banks and then next 7 developing Python Flask applications for a small quant shop. More recently, in the midst of a pandemic, I moved to Pittsburgh to start a new job at Argo AI (a software company specializing in autonomous vehicles) mainly working on Typescript applications. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife, 2 kids & our dog, Zoe.

How was your experience with Flask during all this time?

Flask has been a great & powerful tool. As I mentioned in the interview I can't believe the simplicity of it compared to developing web applications in Java. So You can start with as little Flask infrastructure as you want and as time goes on slowly make use of a lot of the great plugins people have added to Flask. Like Flask-Compress, Flask-Cache, Flask-ngrok.

What is your feel about FlaskCon?

It's tough to totally get the feel of FlaskCon right now because the major days are Saturday and Sunday. That being said, there was still a lot of feedback on Discord which was great. I hope that this conference continues in the future because Flask is very widely used and there's plenty of people just like who have had great experiences with it they'd like to share. All in all FlaskCon was great. Everyone seemed very engaged and happy to have me there. I think the technical hurdles of doing a conference remotely were handled very well TBH. I think it will open the doors to having a wider range of speakers in the future because sometimes it's not possible to be there in person.

How can we improve the Flask community?

I think you chose the right avenues to advertise this thing like r/flask. I think in the future you can look at posting on r/python, Hackernews and maybe having links to it directly in the Flask documentation will help. Hopefully some of the other speakers have some good ideas on this as well.

How can we find you?

@aschonfeld5 (twitter)
@aschonfe (discord)
u/aschonfe (reddit) (facebook)

I'm also on LinkedIn as "Andrew Schonfeld"

Thank You Mr Andrew

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