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Everyday AI Tools

Toys 🔥 Open Source AI Tool

Toys, an open-source AI tool designed for everyday purposes utilizes Google's Gemini large language model. While it currently offers a limited number of tools, more useful ones will be added over time.

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Live Demo:

Table of Contents

List of Tools

  1. Caption Generator - Generate caption for Instagram and more from image and can generate human-like captions for any image.
  2. Grammar Checker - Check and fix grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Image to Prompt - Generate enhanced prompt from image.
  4. Paraphraser - Rephrase sentence or paragraph in different words without changing meaning.
  5. Summarizer - Summarize paragraphs & sentences in proper simplest format.
  6. Text Extractor - Extract text from image in proper format.


We have a Discord community for developers and creators, a place where you can voice your ideas, explore the products we've made, and have awesome chats.


Enhance the awesomeness of Unburn Toys by making your own contributions.

Getting Started

A concise guide to launching the application on your local machine is available in this segment.

  1. Install Dependencies (Requires Node.js v18 or higher.)
npm install
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  1. In .env.local.example (Rename to .env.local) Retrieve your API key from Google AI Studio and insert it into GOOGLE_API_KEY. There is no need to modify the MODEL_NAME.
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  1. Run the app (In development)
npm run dev
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Leveraging Next.js and NextUI accelerates our development process, leading to enhanced production efficiency.


The GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0) is a widely used open-source license that grants users the freedom to use, modify, and distribute software under the condition that any derivative works are also licensed under GPL-3.0 and the source code is made accessible to end-users. It ensures that software remains open and accessible, fostering collaboration and innovation within the open-source community.

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