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10 typescript developers you must follow to become typescript expert in 2024

Follow a TypeScript expert to get invaluable insights, best practices, and the latest trends to accelerate your journey towards mastering this powerful programming language.

Hey Dev community,

I am super excited to introduce you to 10 accomplished TypeScript developers who have made significant contributions to the TypeScript community.

  • By following their work, you'll gain insights, learn from their experiences, and be well on your way to becoming a TypeScript expert.

  • Whether you're a beginner eager to learn the basics or an advanced developer looking for cutting-edge TypeScript knowledge, these developers have you covered.Let's dive in and explore the TypeScript talent you should be following to level up your skills.

Become Typescript expert

1. Jonny Burger

🧑‍💻 Jonny Burger from Zurich, Switzerland - he's the creator of Remotion, a React framework for creating videos programmatically.

Jonny github chart

Creator of: Remotion


👉 Follow Jonny on github

2. Vitaly Rtishchev

🧑‍💻 Vitaly from Moscow, Rassia - he's the creator of Mantine , a fully featured React components library.

Vitaly github chart

Creator of: Mantine


👉 Follow Vitaly on github

3. Nishchit Dhanani

🧑‍💻 Nishchit is from India - he's the creator of Firecamp , VS Code for APIs, Open Source Postman/Insomnia Alternative

Nishchit github chart

Creator of: Firecamp


👉 Follow Nishchit on github

4. Irfan Maulana

🧑‍💻 Irfan a.k.a mazipan, a seasoned web developer from Indonesia with 10+ years of experiences in the e-commerce industry. Most of the time was working with javascript or typescript, using various frameworks to build frontend applications such as react, svelte or vue. Now working at GovTech Edu.

Irfan github chart

Contribution in:,phpid-learning


👉 Follow Irfan on github

5. Alex Eagle

🧑‍💻 Alex is from Modesto, California, United States - he's the creator of , software that makes Bazel easier to use.

Alex github chart

Creator of: Aspect Build


👉 Follow Alex on github

6. Drew Powers

🧑‍💻 Drew from Denver, CO - he's the creator of openapi-typescript , Generate TypeScript types from OpenAPI 3 specs

Drew github chart

Creator of: openapi-typescript

👉 Follow Drew on github

7. Kamil Mysliwiec

🧑‍💻 Kamil is from Poland, Creator of @nestjs. Co-Founder of @TrilonIO. @google Developer Expert.

Kamil's github chart description

Creator of: Nestjs


👉 Follow Kamil on github

8. James Henry

🧑‍💻 James is the creator typescript-eslint, Director of Engineering @nrwl. 5x MVP for TypeScript @microsoft.

James github chart

Creator of: typescript-eslint


👉 Follow James on github

9. Colin McDonnell

🧑‍💻 Colin is Engineer, open-sourcer, and ride-or-die TypeScripter. I build and maintain Zod, a TypeScript schema validation library with static type inference.

Colin github chart

Creator of: Zod


👉 Follow Colin on github

10. Basarat Ali Syed

🧑‍💻 Basarat is from Melbourne Australia and he's the creator Typescript-book.

Basarat github chart

Creator of: Typescript-book


👉 Follow Basarat on github

So that's the end of the article for today. I know i must be missing some awesome TS devs, if you know anyone, please comment their name below. I'd love to feature them in my next blog!!

If you're interested in Typescript contribution in opensource, I am thrilled to invite you to work with me on Firecamp.

Firecamp 🔥

VS Code for APIs, Open Source Postman/Insomnia Alternative


If you really like the project please help me out with staring repo! 👇

Give Firecamp ⭐ on github

See you next week!!

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Ajinkya Borade

From 4 to 6 list feels like a plug since Talking about typescript and you didn’t mention

michthebrandofficial profile image

Thank you for this comment. How can he not mention the Typescript God 😂. I even want to call him the creator of Typescript 😂

shreya_gr profile image

Thanks for mentioned him here. I'll keep his name in my next blog.

liweiyi88 profile image
Julian Li captures the daily data of GitHub Trending. It provides a way for you to explore repos/developers based on language/different date range.

jannisdev profile image

How/Where have you created those GitHub activity images?

shreya_gr profile image

I've used - to create github activity chart.

taqui_786 profile image

I also want to join "Firecamp" organisation on

shreya_gr profile image

Thank for your interest. could you please let us know your agenda behind joining Firecamp.

webjose profile image
José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

And fill it with Chat GPT-generated content?

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Great developers!
I hope to be on this list one day!

shreya_gr profile image

Soon. You're already expert @nevodavid

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Nice list Shreya, these developers are certainly rockstars.

shreya_gr profile image

Yes they are. because of them today we're using many libraries.

t_bogard profile image
Erick Rodriguez

-1 for not including Jack Herrington, he has contributed with advanced Frontend videos in his YT channel

shreya_gr profile image

Thank you for letting me know. He's already in my next blog.