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KodiBot - Local Chatbot App for Desktop

KodiBot is a desktop app that enables users to run their own AI chat assistants locally and offline on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. KodiBot is a standalone app and does not require an internet connection or additional dependencies to run local chat assistants. It supports both Llama.cpp compatible models and OpenAI API.

KodiBot is free and open source app developed using electronjs framework and released under the GNU General Public License.

Please visit for more information and downloads.


  • Average gaming PC or laptop with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system


KodiBot has a simple and user friendly interface. You can esily create chat assistant cards and customize them for specific tasks or topics by adding instructions. You can save cards to JSON file share them with others. It stores your history with each chat assistant separately. You can easily navigate and switch between chat assistants from the sidebar.

KodiBot offers a versatile platform for users who want to utilize AI chatbot technology locally and offline. Here are some potential use cases for KodiBot:

Privacy-Conscious Users: For individuals or businesses concerned about data privacy, running an AI chat assistant locally ensures that sensitive information does not leave their device or get shared with third-party servers.

Development and Testing: Developers can use KodiBot to build, train, and test AI models in a local environment before deploying them online or integrating them into larger applications.

Education and Research: Students, educators, and researchers can use KodiBot as a tool for learning about artificial intelligence and natural language processing without the need for constant internet access.

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