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AI isn't the end of your job

Hey, did you hear? AI's are going to replace our programming jobs.

Alright, so over the past few months, I've had developer friends come to me and say: "look at this new software, it's automating so much stuff now; we wont have a job before too long because AI will just write all the code for us"

I looked at him on the call, and pondered the possibility for a moment carefully before I also had a point: "but, it is developers who make that software"

Now, if you're a guy who's scared of his own AI, perhaps this post wont end your fear, but personally I believe that AI being able to self-adapt in the ways it has already to a point beyond imagine. (I mean, look at google -- smartest AI on the face of the planet in my opinion)

As developers, we are always going to have our place in this revolution of AI development, and perhaps it might replace web developer jobs, but it is us, the developers, who make these said AI.

Once our jobs are taken away by AI, we simply should move into developing the AI for a more complex self-learning AI.

Let's consider another possibility: let's create AI which can become the developer. The thought of this is what would scare me personally. It almost goes into sci-fi type movies because the potential for a self-learning AI to get to this point is all too-real.

A lot of work as developers, we perform programming -- which is a set of instructions to in the end of the day no matter how complex it might be: perform a task.

Imagine an AI being able to perform the same task. We see it time and time again through data collected for advertisers. One day I google shoes, I see shoe ads on websites I visit. I purchase a product on amazon or even so much as view it, I get thousands of those type of things flooding my page.

An example of AI working in its finest form in a bit more physical manner escaping the web development jobs would be more boring jobs such as Tesla's Self-Driving features. Every day, people entrust their lives to AI to drive them to work in these self-driving automobiles.

It's the, "I Robot" movie happening slowly. Inevitably, we're going to produce robot prototypes which will perform all of our jobs with 1 rule: protect humanity (lots of theories as to what the machines could interpret this as). I predict within the next 10 years or less, because we haven't fully automated our homes without a physical presence. Anyways, but this is just a theory (so take it with a grain of salt and do your own research).


In conclusion, no -- AI and robots are not taking over our world as we know it, only enhancing what we currently have. For example, I would rather view a more relevant advertisements of shoes instead of women's clothing. Your job is safe for now, and even if it's not, then you can always adapt because you learnt programming concepts to adapt to new languages/frameworks easily.

Let's theorize together

If anyone works with AI development, we could always learn from one another from comment threads/posts and theories.

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