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Fabian Fabro
Fabian Fabro

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2020 Update & currently recovering from burnout

Welp. I haven't blogged since the beginning of this year. It's funny, a self reflection blog I wrote back in January, ready to make changes in my life and conquer, then COVID hits right near the end of February. What timing huh? Did I feel I was able to get through things? I wouldn't say the least. So much has happened in these couple of months.

I'll be ranting and just talking about my life update, so if this doesn't interest you, I don't mind if you stop reading and skip this article. This is just another one of my life rants.

March - April:

  • Slowed down in productivity progress on personal projects
  • Joined and collaborated in a few game jams
  • Constant job rejections, no interviews
  • Animal Crossing


  • Even slower progress on productivity
  • Playing games
  • Stopped applying jobs

End of May - June:

  • George Floyd happened
  • Developed and deployed a web app out of anger & remorse for the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Submit more job applications, more rejections, no interviews


  • Participate game jams
  • Work on game projects
  • Finally got an interview for a technical sound designer position, submitted the take home technical audio test


  • Waiting for results for the technical sound designer position, sent follow-up response.
  • Work on personal projects
  • Submit more job applications, more rejections, no interviews


  • Participate in another game jam
  • Work on personal projects
  • Play games

Now it's October, what am I doing now?:

  • I'm participating in yet another game jam, but this time it's a solo game project
  • Picked up pixel art drawing, for the game project, but also because I've been wanting to draw too
  • Starting FreeCodeCamp's Data Structures & Algorithms Course, because I'm feeling really rusty in those topics, especially since I haven't been practicing coding problems either.
  • Started Twitch Streaming
  • Submitting some job applications, rejections as usual

I wish I can share a success story about myself, but no, a year of finishing a coding bootcamp & COVID happening, it feels even harder to find a job.

My title also mentions my burnout. Well, I'm tired. I'm tired of applying for jobs and just getting rejected. I'm tired of questioning my self-worth because of these rejections, to not even be able to talk to a human being. I would rather get rejected at the interview stage, that way I know I talked to a human and got feedback, but no, just a robot email echoing to me:

Unfortunately, "Insert Company Name" has moved to the next step in their hiring process, and your application was not selected at this time.

I just want to create stuff. But I'd like to also be able to be financially be stable to create stuff for people.

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