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Day 1: Building a Page After a CSS Reset

Off-and-on I've been doing web development for decades. Yet I've always struggled with CSS, and especially CSS resets. I always dive into templates of pre-existing designs and lazy my way to a beautiful page.

Not this time. For 100 Days of Code I'm going dive deep into learning Tailwind CSS. I'm going to be building a page and design from scratch. I'll be doing it at my project on Glitch. I've already added:

  1. Added a div with class="container mx-auto px-4" to get the text away from the browser edge.
  2. Added text-4xl and text-3xl classes to the h1 and h2 headers respectively to distinguish them from p tags.
  3. Added color-blue-600 to a tags.

And here's the code.

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