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NYC Codecademy Chapter 2021 Welcome Event

Hi everyone! I'm the co-leader of the NYC Codecademy chapter and I wanted to share that we are hosting our chapter welcome event today and tomorrow! (exciting 😃). Both events will be online at 3pm EST. Here's the event info:

Welcome to the New York City Codecademy Chapter! Let's welcome the new year with a fun meet and greet event for all chapter members. We will introduce ourselves, talk about our interests, and maybe even brainstorm a bit on the kind of events we will like to host in the future.

Should you attend this event?

Whether you are new to the chapter or a recurring veteran, this event will be a great opportunity to meet other chapter members and the chapter leaders and to help come up with ideas for future events.
All learners welcomed, domestic and international. At the NYC chapter we welcome members from across the world!
NOTE: We will be hosting this event both on Friday and Saturday to give everyone a chance to attend. We will cover the same topics so you do not need to attend both unless you really like to hang out with everyone.

Here are the links for more info:
NYC Codecademy Chapter page
2021 Welcome Event (Friday)
2021 Welcome Event (Saturday)

I'll make it a point to regularly post here all of our future events. I don't know why we haven't done it before but that changes now. And no worries if you can't make it, we host multiple events online every month.

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