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Crash & Build Series: Crash Course on HTML & CSS

The NYC Codecademy Chapter presents:

Crash & Build Series: Crash Course on HTML & CSS

crash and build ONE|500x500, 50%

About this event

Don't get stuck in tutorial hell! How many times are you going to re-learn the same lessons over and over again? It's time to sit down, let go of the deadweight and grab the next rung on the ladder. We are going to do away with the details and technicalities and focus on what works and how to put it together to make it work for us.

Should You Attend This Event?


  • You are new to HTML and/or CSS
  • You know a little about HTML and/or CSS but want to learn more
  • You are struggling to "put it all together" and work on your own projects
  • You want to review the fundamentals


  • You are already well-versed in HTML and CSS
  • You don't need any help with HTML or CSS
  • You are looking for more advanced topics like JavaScript, Front-end Frameworks, etc.

TIME: 15:00 EST (that's 3pm NYC time)
DATE: Jan 22, 2021 (Friday)

Are you interested in attending? Awesome! Just follow the link to the Crash & Build Series event page and RSVP. We can't wait to meet you all!

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