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Automate Community Led Discord Events with Autocode

Building a strong community is important for any Discord server wanting to grow. When members feel like they belong, they engage and interact more. Anything you can do as a Discord community manager to improve this aspect will be a solid investment.

One place to start improving your community is hosting events on your server. It's fun to set up a date and time, make an announcement, and get everyone in voice chat for a good time. This gives opportunities for members to build relationships with each other, as well as encourages newer members to introduce themselves to the community.

As your community grows, having regularly occurring events can create a sense of comfort and reliability. Members can form a habit of checking the server regularly for events to attend, or even wanting to host events of their own. This improves your server's engagement and retention stats, which is essential for Discord Partner status.

Discord's process for managing events is great on its own, but you can speed up and improve the process with automation. Using Autocode's Discord API integration, you can create a bot that will automate scheduling and running events for your server using slash commands.

example of Discord bot scheduling events using a slash command

This has the benefit of speeding up the process for hosting similar events over and over, as well as opening up the ability for specific members to host events in the server without needing to set up extra permissions. Simply give them access to the slash commands, and anyone can manage events in the server.

Using a bot allows you to customize what info you want to collect and how you want to display it. This allows consistency with your brand and voice, strengthening the connection to your community.

styled embed message of scheduled event

If you want to do this for yourself but coding isn’t your thing, don't worry! We've created a prebuilt app with instructions. Install it to your Autocode project and start automating scheduled Discord events right now. Want to make changes? Look through the labeled sections of code and modify what you need. Feel free to reach out to me or join the Autocode Discord server if you need help.

Discord Scheduled Events App

Grow your community Discord server by hosting events. Manage those events with Autocode.

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