May 21st Side Project Check-in

fastflowz profile image Dakota Lewallen ・1 min read

Morning/Afternoon dev.to fam!

How's your week been? Any new projects in the works? Looking to have someone review your code before you release it? Have you released your project recently? Let's share in the comments below!


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I've been working on a realtime face recognition android app lately. Still in stage 1, but here's the post about the process of finishing stage 1.

Would love to know what you think of the code and the post. ( :


I know nothing about building native Android apps, but I'd love to look over your code! I've found reading through unfamiliar domains can be insightful. Do you have somewhere I might be able to message you later?


Awesome. I'd love that. The blog post will help you understand exactly the components I built and how they are working together. I didn't specify, however, which belongs with the view or the viewmodel in my architecture. But I linked them in the post, alongside with every single package that contains code that was used.

You can reach me on telegram, twitter, or email. My twitter DMs is always open!

Anyway, here's the repository if you are able to navigate your own way through the Android source code.

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Real-Time Face Recognition Android App


This week I started building my portfolio website. The site will be static (no more Angular for now!), generated using Eleventy, and built on Bootstrap. I am trying my hardest to avoid any heavy JS dependencies and use modern CSS features instead. This is my first time building a more design-focused site without a template so I'm excited to try and flex my design muscles!


I wish you luck!! I've been talking a lot with the frontend developer I work with, and one of the biggest tips I've learned from him is to do mockups. Even if it is a small project, it's so beneficial to have a clear goal in mind before you start writing anything. He reccomends Figma, which I've used a bit and it's not too hard to pickup.


This week I've been toying with how I'm going to deploy the dnd-graphql API. I've been trying Heroku, and while Heroku itself has been great. The community around the database the project uses is pretty thin. I wanted to use Heroku for the experience of using a cloud provider outside of AWS. But with this project I think I'm going to have to pivot to AWS. Fingers crossed, but I'm hoping to be ready to do a release next week. 🤞🤞


If you're interested in trying out different cloud providers Google Cloud could be nice. Their Cloud Run product, here, can scale down to zero instances when not in use and it runs on Docker so the environment is alot less restrictive than traditional FaaS/PaaS.