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Get to Know A of MEAN Stack

farhatsharifh profile image Farhat Sharif ・2 min read


Angular is a component based web application framework used to build efficient front-end solutions. Angular simplifies the ways of creating single-page client-side applications using HTML and TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript).


Angular app consists of module(s). Every module represents a particular functionality and organizes related components.

Components are the building blocks of an Angular app. Every component defines an angular view. Components use:

  • HTML templates to define the view part of the component. These templates contain Angular template syntax to alter the views dynamically according to the app logic, state and data.
  • Classes (written in TypeScript) to define components’ logic to handle data and functionality.
  • Component-specific styles for the UI design.

Then there are Services, i.e. classes used to define the functionality that is not associated with a view. Services can be injected into components with a mechanism known as dependency injection. Services are shared across components.

The TypeScript code is translated to JavaScript instructions by the framework’s compiler at build time. It brings all the efficiency associated with JavaScript to the Angular app.


  • Angular supports highly scalable systems.
  • Angular produces high-performance apps.
  • Angular provides the ability to design accessible apps with Angular Material library, for people with visual or motor impairments.

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