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A platform for practising systems development exercises

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If you have a developer job, I'm sure you've gone through the process of solving algorithm problems on Leetcode (or any other site). While Leetcoding definitely helps one get a job, I think that's where most (not all) of its benefits end. It helps you get skills to get in through the door but once you're in, what then?

"Experience, of course!" you'd say. And I agree, nothing teaches you better than experience does. But you can gain that experience only as you go along the path in your career. What is going to prepare you for the days you spent chasing the bug, using all sorts of stack traces, debuggers, etc. only to realize that it was a typo in your YAML file?

This is where Debugg comes in, it is a platform containing problems that help you get experience in developing systems (backend, frontend, DevOps, etc), similar to what sites like Leetcode do for your algorithms practice. The problems will focus on specific areas to teach a few things per problem so as to be focused and would be submitted by the users.

Who knows, someday someone else's nightmares might help you avoid yours.

-- Faraaz (faraaz@debugg.me)

Founder at Debugg

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From creating REST APIs to managing multiple databases and configuring YAMLs, work on real world world applications to learn and gain experience about your future job.

and configuring YAMLs 👀

too real 😔


We've all been there haven't we 😅


That's true. I wonder why this format is still used, knowing that it's one of the most complex, ambigous, slow to parse, and hard to get right, configuration formats out there.


You are solving the problem of many! Yesterday I was thinking about the same thing, how can I get my code reviewed? How will I get to know whether my logic is built in the correct way? This is a really good platform to get answers to many such questions. Congratulations and Thank you for this concept. You have done great work.


Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Could you point me in the direction to your favourite links on writing unit tests for your UI? I'd really appreciate it


I would love to use something like this.


I'm really glad you love it! There are some exercises already present on the website, I would love to know what you think of them


YES YES YES. I'm definitely checking this one out. This is an awesome idea especially for new topics that you have no knowledge about or ones you want to improve yourself at :D


Thanks! Is there anything in particular that I can improve?