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Syed Faraaz Ahmad
Syed Faraaz Ahmad

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Launched the beta for Debugg!

This past month I've been hard at work improving Debugg as per the feedback I have been getting. There were a lot of bugs to fix and features to add (and so, MORE bugs to fix ). After doing all that, I'm proud to have something good to show.

Alt Text

The homepage is now (MUCH) nicer, although I still have many things to improve here. Users can now create accounts, post problems and submit solutions to them.

Oh and also I've set up an Organisation for Debugg on DEV (because its the best platform for developers IMHO) and I'll be using it as the official blog for Debugg. You can follow it here.

Take THAT, imposter syndrome!

Debugg is at and I really hope you find it useful. Please give some feedback and suggest some improvements to make because I know they are to be made.

Also, I'm really thankful to the Rails community because it has been a huge enabler for me in building cool stuff QUICKLY


(Why did I end it like an email? I don't know either :))

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