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Best Mobile Tracker Apps For Android Devices

falkollie profile image Ollie R. Falk ・3 min read

There are many different applications that are available for download on the Google Play Store for use on mobile devices. These applications will work with any device and generally any location, although some applications may not work where internet is not available. Some of the best Mobile Tracker Apps for Android devices can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store and others may cost money. If you want the best mobile tracking application there is on the Android platform, it would be worth paying a little to get the best software available. This article will give some pointers as to how to choose the best Mobile Tracker Apps for Android Devices.

Determine which type of device:

Firstly, determine which type of device you are going to be tracking with the best application. Smartphones have become very popular recently, so if this is your first smart phone you should consider whether it will suit you or not. If you own an iPhone then you are in luck because they have very good applications already installed. Android devices are currently much less popular, but there are some excellent applications available for use on them.
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The best applications:

The best applications are those that have been specifically designed for use with smartphones or hand held devices. You can easily track your children with a child tracking application while fitness freaks can use their device to manage their fitness activities. Businesses can also use applications for managing employees and scheduling staff meetings remotely. Whatever application you need, the best GPS tracking application for your particular device will be the one that makes the most sense to you.
If you want to track your kids then one of the best mobile tracker apps for Android devices that you can download is called Kidtracking. It works by displaying a map on your smartphone that shows your child's location on a specific date. If you want to be really precise you can enter the latitude and longitude coordinates as well as the destination address into the program. This application requires minimal in-app purchases and in fact it requires a connection to the internet for it to work. In order to support the local area coverage that it has, you may also have to subscribe to Google Play Services.

Special features including:

The best mobile tracker apps for Android devices that you can download are ones that allow you to sign in to a free account so that you can track your children, employees or business clients wherever they may roam. When you are signed in to the account you are given a username and password which you can use to access the application. You will also have access to a number of special features including online forums and blog posts. You can sign in to make changes to information and even upload new pictures. You can make notes about specific places, addresses and businesses and you can also send private messages to other members of the site.

GPS feature:

If you want to keep tabs on your children's activities at school you can do so with one of the best mobile tracker apps for Android devices. The application allows you to view exactly where your children are and any locations that they have been to. You can see how often they are using the phone and you can see their call logs and text messages. You can also view your child's location through the GPS feature. This is particularly useful if you suspect that they may be away from home when they say they are.

Businesses can also benefit:

Businesses can also benefit from one of the best mobile tracker apps for Android devices. With this software you can view detailed information on where employees are located, what their job description is and what duties they are responsible for. You can also monitor the computer usage of employees. You will be able to see what apps they are using and how long they spend on the computer. You can see which employees are using company cell phones and which ones are using Blackberries.

Employees are working effectively:

If you want to ensure your employees are working effectively you can use one of the best mobile tracker apps for Android devices. It is especially useful if you want to check up on a specific employee. With the device you can set up an appointment with the person and then monitor the activity of that employee. You can view their location, chat logs and any other activity that they may be doing. If necessary you can get the employee's authorization to contact you.

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