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My Web Dev Journey Begins...

First let me introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Faith. I'm 29 years old, and I live in a small town in Western North Carolina. Now, instead of making you read through a snooze fest of information about myself, let me break down my introduction in a much quicker way. Here are some quick tidbits about me:

🧒 I am currently a stay at home mom to my 7 year old nephew. Long story short, he is my brother's child, but my husband and I have had guardianship of him since he was 4.

💑 I've been married for 4 years (to someone I've known for 11

🌟 I have a twin sister. I'm older by 6 minutes (we're not identical, but people think we
are 😋)

🐺 I have too many animals. No, seriously...I have 3 Siberian
Huskies, 2 Lab/Pit mixes, and 4 cats. It's a zoo around here
and I love it!

🎮 I am an avid gamer. I have been since I met my husband in 2011.
My favorite game at the moment is Valorant, but my favorite
game of all time is definitely Halo.

🎸 Last, but not least, I love music. I have been playing guitar
since I was 15, and it's always been a great outlet for me at
many points in my life.

What is the point of this post?

This blog post is a way for me to introduce myself to a new community of people I am learning from and people I am learning alongside. This is the first post in what will be an at least once weekly update on my journey to becoming a Front End Web Developer. That means you will see the good, the bad, and everything in between. It's also a way to keep myself accountable and to track my personal progress.

So, why do I want to become a Web Dev?

I'm a millennial, so I grew up in a weird time. I was a part of the group that played outside all the time, but I also grew up with technology. I remember using a computer from the time I was in elementary school and playing video games. Of course, that's much different than what we have now, but knowing my way around a computer and technology in general were pretty much ingrained in me from a young age.

My first attempt at trying to dive into the world of Web Development started a few years ago. I had always had an interest in learning how to code, but I always had the impression that you had to be genius level smart, or be really good at math, which I am neither 😂. I watched some tutorials and learned the basics of HTML/CSS, and then I came across The Modern Javascript Bootcamp on Udemy. I followed along with it for maybe a few weeks, but unfortunately I didn't end up completing it. At the time, my mental health wasn't in the best spot. Depression and anxiety had me doubting myself and drained my motivation completely. Thankfully, I'm on a better course now mentally and physically so I hope to be more successful this time around.

Overall, though, my main motivations behind wanting to become a Front End Web Dev are to eventually make a career out of it, and to use it as a creative outlet: something I can put my stamp on and share with the world. I believe I can do it. If you are in my position of just beginning then I hope you believe in yourself to. There's nothing to it but to do it!

What am I working on now?

Currently, I am splitting my time between The Odin Project and 100Devs. I started with TOP, but felt like I needed some supplemental learning on the JavaScript end. I found 100Devs through a reddit post, and I loved the whole idea of community and how Leon teaches is very engaging. As of writing this post I am on Fundamentals Part 4 of TOP and Class #13 of 100Devs.


That's it for now. If you made it this far, then I appreciate you reading. If you have a blog of your own that you'd like to share feel free, and I will be sure to check it out. I'd love to make some connections with some fellow beginners and more experienced people. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter. The link is on my profile! It is a new account that I've made specifically for my Web Dev journey, but there is also a link to my personal account on my Dev twitter if you'd like to see that as well. Again, thanks for reading. I'll see you guys next time! ♥

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Thank you. You as well!

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Thank you so much! Glad to be here :D

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Ioana Tiplea

Welcome and good luck on your journey! 😊

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Thank you ! I'm so excited to learn :D