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Fadhil ⚡
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I built a file manager, so I can use my crappy laptop.


Handling files are worst nightmare, organizing them, so you can save up space for other files.

For a long time, I use my old laptop (which have 2GB ram & 1TB storage) to store all of my files. But the catch is every time in order to get my file, I need to open my laptop & use a flashdrive to get the file. Its hard to use my crappy laptop, it takes a lot of time to boot & open file explorer.

I never cared about it, until now, this is now my greatest nightmare.

So I decided to write a software so I can manage my files (Maybe there are lots of softwares out there for this, but I'm too dumb to search).

Uhmm.. the software ??

Drumroll 🥁 Introducing Snorlax 📁

Image description

Yes, the name is inspired from pokemon :)

This app consists of 2 parts, a Server & a Client

Server is a rest api written in golang, each endpoint being used for various file operation, like delete file, rename file etc.

Client is Tauri app, written in Typescript, React & Rust. You can connect to a server & handle files from the app.

All of the major features are done, yet some features are remain to add.


Honestly I've no Idea what I'm doing. But if you have any suggestion to improve this app, feel free.

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Alicia Sykes

Great UI design :)
What was your experience working with Tuari like?

fadhilsaheer profile image
Fadhil ⚡

Tauri is 🥇, I really enjoyed working with it.

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