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Fabio Biondi
Fabio Biondi

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Angular v.14 + ESBUILD = -25/40% build time

Angular v.14 now supports esbuild, a "new" super fast JavaScript Bundler, also used by ViteJS.

I have tried it right now in a small Angular project (about 10 modules) and it almost halved the build time (-44%).

If you want to try it (but it's still experimental!) you can simply add the suffix '-esbuild' in your angular.json file as shown in the attached image.


"architect": {
 "build": {
  "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser-esbuild",
     "options": {

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angular.json screenshot

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mbarzda profile image
Martynas Barzda • Edited

I'm keeping eye on updates of this builder . RIP Webpack soon :)

naucode profile image
Al - Naucode

That was a nice read! Liked, bookmarked and followed, keep the good work!

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Ghislain B. • Edited

it's all nice and sweet but you should also mention the much bigger build size that it produces. We tested it and because our build size more than doubled, we decided not to switch to this new feature, hopefully they'll fix that in the near future (it's experimental in ng16). So anyway, what I just mentioned is a very important point that was not mentioned in this article that users should be aware of... Check your Build Size!