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Fabio Biondi
Fabio Biondi

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Angular v.14 + ESBUILD = -25/40% build time

Angular v.14 now supports esbuild, a "new" super fast JavaScript Bundler, also used by ViteJS.

I have tried it right now in a small Angular project (about 10 modules) and it almost halved the build time (-44%).

If you want to try it (but it's still experimental!) you can simply add the suffix '-esbuild' in your angular.json file as shown in the attached image.


"architect": {
 "build": {
  "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser-esbuild",
     "options": {

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angular.json screenshot

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mbarzda profile image
Martynas Barzda • Edited on

I'm keeping eye on updates of this builder . RIP Webpack soon :)

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Al - Naubit

That was a nice read! Liked, bookmarked and followed, keep the good work!

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