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Fabien Gréard
French man who's got hard time figuring out what to type as a bio summary... So yeah that's definitely me, having hard time all the time.
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Announcing kirby-boilerplate, an open-source boilerplate aiming to provide everything you need to start your next project!


Do you feel like the JavaScript ecosystem is getting worst every day? The good old time where you could just write code in one simple HTML file is over, honestly, this is sad.

So if you are bored having to spend at least 2-3 days producing quality scaffolding for your next project, Kirby-Boilerplate is definitely for you!


2-3 years ago, I felt like boilerplate was a waste of time, but with the tooling we have nowadays, it feels easier to maintain separately from "the" actual production code.

With Kirby, I aim to focus on CI-CD and maintainability which none other boilerplate do. (or am I missing one ?)


Well all the rocking tools that you have heard in the front-end world are in Kirby (or at least most of them, come and bring new ideas !)

here a summary of what it does :

  • NextJs
  • Apollo
  • Tailwindcss
  • Typescript
  • react-intl
  • storybook
  • Prisma (SOON !! with instruction for connecting ur own database)

The rest is here


I am looking for contributors and new ideas, shortly I will focus on adding a "monorepo" option for Kirby, as this more likely what you will do in a company.

So please, have a look at it and help me build the next true opensource boilerplate! kirby-boilerplate, because we are all tired of building over the same thing again and again.

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getkirby profile image

Just wanted to let you know that Kirby CMS is a flat-file CMS written and PHP that's been around for the last 9 years with users all around the world: You might run into people who are looking for Kirby boilerplates to build their sites and will find this confusing. I got notified about your project in our Discord from a user who thought it was about us. I really just wanted to let you know, so you can send people in the right direction in such a case.

Good luck with the project.

fabiengreard profile image
Fabien Gréard Author • Edited

Oh I didnt know, I can see the confusion, I will probably rename then, sorry about it

meanwhile: I will add a disclaimer in case this happens, as this is a side project I may not have the time to rename it as soon as wanted

getkirby profile image

You don't have to be sorry about it at all. It's really kind to offer to rename it. Choosing a name is such an annoying part of a project 😀

midasxiv profile image

looks great! I definitely wont be able to contribute, but really look forward to it's success :)

fabiengreard profile image
Fabien Gréard Author

Thanks, I am working to provide Prisma to the project before migrating to a CLI installer like create-react-app.

midasxiv profile image

I find it weird when such posts don't get picked up and shown to more people.

also I had a question, when you say Kirby is opinionated it means when you use kirby it'll create the app using all the tools mentioned ?
for example I don't use Apollo, can I configure kirby to set up the project without it ?

Thread Thread
fabiengreard profile image
Fabien Gréard Author

That's sweet!

its k, I prefer not to have too much visibility right now, as I can focus on bringing more feature!

Indeed that is the goal, right now there is nothing automated for doing such a thing, but the main goal is to be able to opt-out any block, probably the same is doing, as there will be a without graphql installer or other options.

in fact, as soon as I finish implementing Prisma, I will focus on bringing different options, probably with a cli configuration.

I can see something like:

-with-monorepo-graphql (apollo on it)
-with-graphql (apollo on it)
-with-monorepo (no server)
-base (no server)

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