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Hello how are you?

Before we start, sorry if you don't understand English much, I'm from Argentina and I did this article with google translate.


I am one month away from starting a project in my company and it is a fairly large project that would receive hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.

We are deciding technologies, previously projects had been developed in Lumen and Java, this is not possible to migrate because it was not developed correctly and now the company wants to establish a stack of technologies in which all projects will be developed from here on.

My reserched options:

In the last 2 weeks I have been researching and saw the following:

  • Laravel: Today it is not very common for PHP to be taught in schools and on the other hand it is a bit slow technology. Of course, the Octane package just came out and paints to exceed or at least reach the speed of the same web developed in Node. Meanwhile php is being less supported every day and despite the push it has been having with Laravel I think it will be left behind with the release of new Node frameworks.

  • AdonisJS: It is a Laravel in Node, but today it has almost no community, even though I read that its discord is very active.
    And it's still very young.

  • NestJs: It is the most popular Node framework, I understand with which all kinds of rest apis can be developed. It also offers Fastify which is very convenient over Express due to support for asynchronous calls. I want to clarify that it is the one that investigates the least.

The other part of the stack:

The idea would be to use ReactJS for Front and React Native for Mobile development.

I am also thinking of using InertiaJS or NextJS.

We are implementing Docker and Kubernetes.

The question:

My question is directed for you to comment without choosing sides, trying to be as impartial as possible.

What Technology Stack would you use?

Greetings and thank you very much for reading.

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