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Upcoming Change to the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam SAA-C01 to SAA-C02

If I have yet to start studying for the exam should I wait a few months?

No, Changes are not dramatic enough for you to delay your study. If you look at the changes in the exam guidelines not much has changed.

Iā€™m already studying will I have to restudy?

  • Study Material ā€“ No, keep studying, We may see amendments / additions from content creators who's content is a year out of date. Mine is very current so its minimal changes for me.

  • Practice Exams ā€“ Maybe, Watch out for what people are reporting on Reddit and other social places. I have a strong feeling we're going to see more serverless architectures and services as this was severely lacking in the previous exam.

Can I still use the freeCodeCamp/ExamPro Solutions Architect Associate free course to study?

Yes, I knew this exam change was coming so I packed in some additional content and I filmed my free AWS Solutions Architect course at the end of 2019.

I probably will end up reshooting the entire course post-March because I would like to improve the video quality and make minor corrections.

What changes are occurring?

The last time the SAA when through a change it was dramatic since they changed the way they wrote the questions from being factoid-driven to concept-driven. We are going to see such a dramatic change and we are seeing is fine-tuning of the exam.

So they have dropped one of the domains, which was worth the least percentage. I welcome this change.

We can see the new exam guide has the exact same domains but the Operational-Excellence has been dropped

Performant has changed to Highly-Performant which in honest is just semantics. Reworking of subdomains but they to me equates to being the exam same content as before.

What is really great is the domains are more evenly-weighted. I think will improve people's ability to pass.


Don't stress out, you're still on the right path, just keep doing what you're doing.

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moneerrifai profile image

Nice - I always argue that if you have general IT experience, with a little studying, you can easily translate your experience to AWS knowledge. You just have to get familiar with their terminology and branding, but if you have the background, that comes fairly easy. Congrats!

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