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AWS for Startups (FREE 4hrs Video Course)

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Another free AWS course coming your way. I really wanted to make a course for early startups or just people who want a practical way to apply AWS, instead of just AWS Certification so I made some time and here it is!

I get to cover some AWS Services I would normally overlook but are incredibly useful.

Learn how to get started with AWS. This is a practical guide for early-stage startups interested in using AWS. You will learn how to create an AWS account, deploy an application, budget scaling applications, and more!

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

The entire playlist:

☁ Getting Started

  • (0:00:18) 🎀 Meet Your Instructor
  • (0:01:04) Setting Up Your AWS Account
  • (0:05:17) Avoid Overbilling by Creating AWS Budgets and Billing Alarm
  • (0:13:17) Securing Root Account and Create an Administrative User
  • (0:21:42) Setting up Multi-Account and Creating a Cross-Account Role
  • (0:34:38) Crash Course on AWS Security Services
  • (0:52:20) Reviewing The Best Free-Tier AWS Services
  • (1:02:49) AWS Activate and Keeping Track of AWS Credits

☁ Architectures

  • (1:17:14) 🎀 Evolution of Servers
  • (1:25:30) 🎀 Technical Architectures and Technical Responsibility

☁ Let’s Get Building

  • (1:38:29) ⌨ Registering a Domain Name with Route53
  • (1:42:36) ⌨ Setting up A Development Environment on Cloud9
  • (1:46:56) ⌨ Setting up Your Marketing Website on S3 and CloudFront
  • (2:07:40) ⌨ How do I deploy my web-application to Elastic Beanstalk?
  • (2:20:35) ⌨ Sending Emails Via Your Web-Application using SES
  • (2:30:23) ⌨ Creating a Business Email Using Amazon WorkMail
  • (2:36:56) ⌨ Setting Up A Wordpress with using LightSail or EC2
  • (2:47:57) ⌨ Sending Campaign Emails using PinPoint
  • (2:56:01) ⌨ Launching a Sample Mobile Application Using AWS Amplify

☁ Tips

  • (3:08:48) ⌨ Why you should consider paying for AWS Support
  • (3:18:02) 🎀 Why you should use these AWS Services To Get Better Technical Positioning
  • (3:36:56) ⌨ Why you should avoid using EC2 Key Pairs and Instead Use Sessions Manager
  • (3:47:20) 🎀 Why you should try to run your Web-Application in at Least 3 AZs
  • (3:51:29) ⌨ Why you should avoid assigning users Administrative Access and use these Policies Instead
  • (3:58:49) 🎀 Why you should use decentralized authentication such as Cognito

Bon Voyage

  • (4:02:37) πŸ›³ Thank You and Additional AWS Resources

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Hey Andrew,

thanks for your awesome content!

Any chance to update the playlist?

Love to send small parts to my friends instead of this 4h long FCC video.



Normally I upload a segmented version to the ExamPro Youtube. I just haven't gotten around to it.


Yoo!! i tried to dm you, but dms arent open. AWS is looking for a dev advocate and senior dev advocate :) you should apply


I really like your tutorials.appreciate your effort.


Great stuff, Andrew! I will be sure to check this out ASAP.


A tip for startups is to join startupschool, startupschool.org/

They have a lot of good deals on services across the web, including a large credit for AWS, 3000 USD(!)


I cannot believe I didn't mention this! Thanks Rolf!


Saved to my youtube playlist, so I'll definitely have a look at this. Thanks!