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Nuxt vs Next | Biased Opinion

Hey there! 🚀 Let's talk about making your coding life a breeze with software frameworks. Yeah, you heard it right. Dive into the world of frameworks, and you're looking at speeding up your project like never before. But first off, what's a javascript framework, and why should you even care?

Think of a software framework as your coding superhero. It's this awesome set of code that lets you stand on the shoulders of giants, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Back in the day, coders were like lone wolves, crafting every single line of code and logic from scratch. Imagine the time munch that was! Fast forward to now, and you've got the luxury to either go old school or let a framework do the heavy lifting.

Enter the arena: Next.js and Nuxt, two of the coolest JavaScript frameworks on the block for web dev. They’re all about making your coding journey less about the grunt work and more about the fun stuff. This guide’s gonna lean into Nuxt, ‘cause that’s how we roll at Evotik, but we’ll peek into Next.js too because, why not?

What’s Up with Nuxt?

Nuxt is this kickass open-source framework that’s all about building lightning-fast applications without breaking a sweat. It rides on Vue.js, Node.js, Vite, and Babel.js. It's kinda like Next.js’s cousin but for the Vue.js fam.

Cool Stuff Nuxt Brings to the Table

  • Modules Ecosystem: It’s like having your own coding genie. You wish for an extension, and bam, it’s there, making your project just the way you want it.
  • Auto Import: Say goodbye to the hassle of importing components manually. Nuxt knows what you need before you do.
  • Data Fetching: It’s like having superpowers to call data with minimal effort. Whether it’s a simple fetch or something more complex, Nuxt has your back.

Nuxt vs. Next.js: The Showdown

Both frameworks are here to make your life easier, but they’ve got their own flavors. Next.js is all about React, and Nuxt is your Vue.js go-to. Here’s the lowdown on making them work for you.

Cool video talking about Features, Similarities, and Differences

Getting Started

Nuxt is a breeze to get going. Just run this in your terminal and you're set to start your project.

npx nuxi@latest init <project-name>
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code <project-name>
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cd <project-name>
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yarn install
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npm install
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or package manager of your choice! and you are live!

Syntax That Speaks to You

Nuxt keeps it real with a syntax that feels familiar and easy to get along with. It’s all about making your dev life smoother.

Speed and Performance? Yes, Please!

Both frameworks are speed demons, but we’re all about that Nuxt life. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it gets your web apps zooming.

Easy on the Brain

Nuxt is like that friend who makes complex stuff seem easy. If you’re new to this or just want something that doesn’t make your brain hurt, Nuxt is your buddy.

Community and Future-Proofing

Sure, Next.js has a massive following, but Nuxt isn’t far behind. It’s got a solid community and a bright future, especially for Vue.js enthusiasts.

Why Nuxt Rocks (and Where It’s a Bit Rocky)

Nuxt is a dream for SEO, speed, and ease of learning. But, it’s not without its quirks. The community is growing but isn’t as vast as Next.js, and some custom stuff might take a bit of tinkering.

So, What’s It Gonna Be?

Your project, your rules. If you’re all about Vue.js and want something that blends power with ease, Nuxt is your winner. But hey, Next.js is cool too if React is more your style.


We’ve cruised through the ins and outs of Nuxt and Next.js. If you’re vibing with Nuxt for your next project, you’re in for a treat. It’s all about making development fun, fast, and fabulous.

Wanna dive deeper? Check out these rad Nuxt tutorials and amp up your dev game:

And if you’re still on the fence, give Next.js a look-see against other frameworks like RedwoodJS to see what tickles your fancy. Code on, and keep it cool! 🕶️✌️

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