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Get Easy Backlink From Google!

Getting high DR *backlink * is great,

How about if it is from google and it is a DO FOLLOW link?

I am sure it is amazing, and getting that is easy (no catch).

While reviewing our projects, I found chrome extensions that we developed but never released (internal use, no payment implemented... etc) then I remembered that one of the important things you fill when publishing a chrome extension is the website, so I went to check one of our live extensions to find that the link to the website is a DO FOLLOW although it was to a domain we are not watching the backlink shows up from
So I switched that extension domain, and just published another chrome extensions to Chrome Web Store, by the way these are fairly simple extensions, one of them you can build under 30 lines of code (or buy under $50).

For us we published (since we can) a chrome extension that we really needed, whenever we posted a job on LinkedIn it was so hard for us to communicate with candidates, as we invite them first to a pretest (eg here) which determines if they qualify for interview, so we need to bulk email them, then based on results we send them a calendar link in order to book an interview appointment.

So we built a chrome extension that does exactly that. It collects all job posting applicants, then allows you either to copy them to an excel or google sheet, or export them as CSV or Excel. You can even download individual resumes or download them all with 1 click.

The extension is released free, and you can use it as well, and we would love to hear some feedback about it. Anyway back to our subject, you can release simple extensions (simplest is just your logo and on click takes to your site) and it will take 24 hours to be approved and live on chrome web store, maybe you need some advice regarding answering the privacy questions, I ll be happy to help, but in general they are very simple and you should use very simple answers.

The community on Reddit /r/SEO loved the idea on our post so we thought it is great to share here.

If you want to see more tricks on getting backlinks for your domain, write in the comments so we can post more.

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