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Evie's Musical Nuggets Vol 2

Welcome back to another edition of Evie's Musical Nuggets! I have some more tantalising auditory treats for ya.

  • Green and Gold. Vintage soul and r'n'b, approximately 63% instrumental for coding in yer onesie on a Sunday afternoon 😄
  • Soul mix from DJ Vadim. Departure from his usual reggae mixes, which I also highly recommend!
  • Yummy Beats 143. Nuggets of nu jazz, hip-hop and glitchiness.
  • Collaborations across Nations. Vinyl only funky selection!
  • El Blues del Pescador. An enchanting mix of sounds from all over: sumptuous and mysterious listening. I often like listening to music in languages other than my native English, because I tend to focus less on the lyrics that way.

Happy coding!

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